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An Introduction to RISE With SAP : Business Transformation as a Service

 Let me begin by asking you a basic question-  

  • ‘A’ is a manufacturing business continuously operating for the last fifty years. Their products are exported to over fifteen countries, employing more than 10,000 employees worldwide.  
  • ‘B’ is also a manufacturing business in the same niche as ‘A’. However, B is just ten years old. Their products are not exported, and they cater only within the boundaries of their country. In total, they have 500 employees.  


Do you think both of them are in the same stage regarding their digital transformation journeys?  

The emphatic answer to this question would be, ‘NO’. 

This is because the needs, expectations, and processes that ‘A’ requires would vastly differ from what ‘B’ does. This is what ‘RISE with SAP’ is all about. It is a set of processes that club several products + services to help businesses with their digital transformation.  

RISE with SAP: A Brief Introduction 

The need of the hour is to use technological solutions and improve processes, supply chains, and employee productivity. With the Coronavirus Pandemic demonstrating the importance of digital presence and amplification, businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking at ways and means of engineering their digital transformation journeys.  

According to SAP’s CEO Christian Klein, “Companies that can adapt their business processes quickly will thrive- and SAP can help them achieve that.” Klein adds that RISE with SAP’s purpose is to help businesses with greater flexibility, customisation, and intelligent processes in the cloud. It aims to unlock the full potential of the cloud for the business organisation.  

RISE with SAP will integrate SAP’s different products and services and bring them under one roof. The following are the components of RISE with SAP-  

  1. S/4HANA Cloud Edition (Private and Public)
  2. Hyperscaler Infrastructure (Choice of cloud and data service- Azure, Cloud, AWS)
  3. Business Intelligence Processes
  4. Business Network Starter Pack
  5. Business Technology Platform

As you might already know, SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent ERP system that helps connect to the cloud and provides real-time insights and data analytics. The best part about RISE with SAP is that it follows what is known as the ‘One Offer, One Contract’ principle.  

This means that even though you have several different SAP products or services, you need to work with only ‘one vendor’ for support and maintenance. This has made it easier for businesses to have just one single point of contact.  


BTaaS: Business Transformation As A Service

RISE with SAP helps you create premier value for your business as far as digital transformation is concerned. The pragmatic approach provided by a simplified engagement process and complete technical support make RISE with SAP a BTaaS offering. 

This is different from any SaaS offering. Many leading experts point out that RISE with SAP is a concierge service for digital transformation. As Christian Klein, SAP’s CEO, very rightly put it-  

The biggest challenge for our customers is that they are all buying new technology, they all want to apply AI [artificial intelligence], but the question is, how do you connect the technology with the business? This is what we are doing with the new offering.” 

Let us try to break down what RISE with SAP tries to offer businesses to help accelerate their digital transformation-  

  1. Businesses need to be agile and flexible in these testing times. The customisation options available help them create tailor-made individualised solutions for the stage or level at which they are at.  
  2. Businesses need to have four key components at the right place- infrastructure, network, platform, and applications. The engagement and interaction (real-time) between these four components help drive transformation.  
  3. Technologies at the right place and time can help generate real-time data and insights. This data can, in turn, govern fast decision-making that can have a lasting impact on the success of a business organisation.  
  4. Lastly, the generated data can be acted upon by decision-makers and benchmarked against other competitors or industry leaders in the business’s niche. This can help make the company more efficient and productive.  


Benefits of Upgrading to RISE with SAP for Existing and New SAP Customers 

In the final section of the resource, we are going to list down some of the major benefits of using or upgrading to RISE with SAP-  

  1. Subscription Model makes it Affordable– This is perfect for SMBs that are conscious of the resources that they have at their disposal. With a subscription model, you pay only according to what you need. This makes it highly cost-effective and affordable.  
  2. Access to Latest Technology and Solutions– When it comes to ERPs or Cloud Technologies, RISE with SAP and its partners ensure that you only engage with the best and latest technologies in the market. Nothing else will do.  
  3. ‘One Offer, One Contract’ terms of use– As a business, the last thing you want to do is work with different vendors, manage subscriptions and look for support. With RISE with SAP, you only need one! That is a great benefit.  
  4. Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)- When you want to reduce your operation costs, you want to go for transformation solutions to help you achieve that. RISE with SAP comes with the lowest TCO in the market today.  
  5. Access to Third-Party Partners- SAP allows you to use hyperscaler infrastructure from Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud. This means you get the continuity to go ahead with your business processes without needing to redesign them from scratch.  


The Final Word

The best part about RISE with SAP is that it is equally appealing to new entrants and businesses using the SAP ecosystem and its range of products and services for several years.  

As we began the article, we needed to understand that everyone has different starting points. In other words, no two businesses are at the same stage of their digital transformation journeys. Yet, RISE with SAP can help cater to individual needs and requirements! 

With RISE with SAP, you get simple yet comprehensive, feature-rich yet inexpensive tech and digital solutions that help you with your transformation journey. If you have any questions on RISE with SAP, contact us today!