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A Beginner’s Guide To RISE With SAP And SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Christian Klein, SAP’s CEO, clarified what RISE With SAP aims to do. He stated that RISE with SAP is intended for businesses (customers) that want to move towards digital transformation and require the necessary products, tools, and services to help them reach there.  

With RISE with SAP being offered as a BTaaS (Business Transformation as a Service), SAP intends to create a single, straightforward, unified ecosystem to engineer change. The end goal is to transform any business into an intelligent, cloud-based organisation. 

Klein believes that RISE with SAP can help remove the barriers to entry that many businesses face when they want to make the migration.  

With an attractive ‘One Offer, One Contract’ bundle, SAP wants its customers to convert their businesses into an agile, flexible, and dynamic entity.  

RISE with SAP has five core elements- S/4HANA Cloud, Business Network Starter Pack, Business Intelligence Processes, Business Technology Platform, and Tools and Services to make the migration easier.  

In this beginner’s guide, we will extensively discuss SAP S/4HANA Cloud. We are going to look at how this cloud-based ERP can play a role in accelerating digital transformation for businesses.  


What is the SAP S/4HANA Cloud?

Undoubtedly, SAP is a market leader in evolving the best ERPs. It has been doing that successfully for the last fifty years now! 

SAP’s S/4HANA Cloud is, as the name suggests, a cloud-based ERP software driven by the latest technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and backed by real-time data analytics and insights.  

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud, you can monitor, control, and assess your businesses’ most essential processes from any part of the world.  

S/4HANA Cloud can be run and deployed using both Private Cloud Edition and the Public Cloud. With this revolutionary offering, SAP intends to create a favourable digital transformation ecosystem that complements other SAP products and services.  

Let us look at some of the significant benefits of the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud ERP Software: 

  1. This acts as the single point of importance across the various business verticals. You get a fully integrated system that offers and works on end-to-end processes.  
  2. Faster insights translate into better and more informed decision-making. Transparency is accorded using accurate data and analytics that the software provides.  
  3. Most of the processes are preconfigured for different industry types. This dramatically shortens implementation timelines.  
  4. The entire dashboard and layout of S/4HANA are simple, user-friendly, and intuitive. You have a fantastic responsive design language that works swimmingly well.  
  5. You have a concise deployment timeline. SAP says you can complete the deployment process within a few weeks.  
  6. Updates, patches, and other technological innovations are added by SAP as soon as the requirements arise or are felt. Businesses can then leverage the same.  


Can a Cloud-Based ERP like SAP S/4HANA Make Your Business an Industry Leader?

The SAP S/4HANA Cloud is one of the most critical components of RISE with SAP. It seeks to offer a strategic shift to the cloud for businesses looking to power growth through constant innovation and digital transformation.  

Here are five key ways SAP S/4HANA Cloud can help you make your business an industry leader-  

1. Industry and Line of Business (LoB) Expertise- 

SAP has been working with businesses in different industry niches for many decades. It has used that experience and those insights to tailor-make solutions that are individual to your business niche. You can benchmark your business’s performance with other industry leaders with embedded analytics. This can help you learn, grow, and innovate.  

2. Integration of Artificial Intelligence-

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud uses the latest and most modern technological solutions like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create intelligent dashboards. Decision-making becomes a lot faster and better informed because of AI integration. This helps to improve efficiency and boost productivity across all verticals of an organisation.  

3. Access to Business Technology Platforms- 

Any business looking at aggressive automation should benefit from business technology platforms. Viewed in an isolated capacity, you might not get too impressed with BTP. However, when you view it from a macro standpoint, you can see that the entire gamut of data, analytics, integration, and cloud can help a business push innovation and drive growth.  

4. In-Memory Database for Better Processing of Data- 

Whether you are looking to analyse transactional data or generate analytical insights, S/4 HANA Cloud is more than capable of helping you out at both levels. No matter what volume of data you are looking to process, the in-memory database helps you get that done. This benefits large business organisations that go through several terabytes of data daily.  

5. Cybersecurity Infrastructure, Regulations, and Compliance-

Last but not least, SAP S/4HANA fully complies with the different regulations and compliances in different parts of the world. SAP tries to ensure that all its software is compliant with global standards. This ensures that businesses do not get into trouble with their regulatory authorities after using S/4HANA or any other SAP product or service.  

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a business looking to create new business models or searching for opportunities to unlock potential, SAP’s S/4HANA Cloud ERP can help you do both. Another reason is sustainability. If you want to integrate sustainability into your business processes, then S/4HANA can help you do that.  

If you have any further questions on RISE with SAP or S/4HANA Cloud, please contact us at www.cbs-consulting.com/apac.