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How Can SAP Fiori Help You Achieve Your Business Goals?

SAP Fiori, in essence, is a user experience approach and a design language that was developed by SAP. It was introduced to improve the working efficiency of different SAP tools and make it easier for everyone to use it. But, it ended up enhancing several other parts of the UX too.  

SAP Fiori, at this point, is only being employed in some specific SAP solutions, including C/4HANA and S/4HANA. Besides, we have also found traces of its usage in SAP Data Hub, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Ariba. It might be used in the future SAP developments too. 

SAP Fiori – The Design Guidelines 

Unlike any other design language, SAP Fiori comes with a set of guidelines that can guide you on how to use it. And you’ll also get some information on the priorities offered by it too. 

By adhering to these, you can create and develop an application that works in a consistent and predictable manner. There’s also an elaborate definition on the following here – 

  • The Fiori Launchpad  
  • Search: Provide guidance on how to design search features that are intuitive and efficient for users, and  
  • Message: Provide recommendations on how to design messaging features that allow users to communicate with each other and stay informed about important events in the system. 

Besides, they might also define all the characteristics that are common to all of the applications – buttons, tiles, tables, theme, feel, and the overall outlook. 

By going through these design guidelines, you may create any application that serves all of the requirements of your organization goals efficiently. Furthermore, it will also be easier for every person working for you to control and manage the apps, as the guidelines are available to all. 

Fiori Launchpad 

The Fiori Launchpad is a shared service, which consists of a set of tiles and groups that may be used to display relevant information and launch applications. Apart from these, it can also offer some other supporting services providing the users with – 

  • Authorization 
  • Search 
  • Personalization, and  
  • Notification 

Apart from that, you can also implement the same in multiple ways such as custom branding, tile layouts, tile types, themes, etc to create your own app on SAP NetWeaver ABAP and SAP Cloud Platform. Additionally, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Ariba are some other applications that comply pretty well with SAP Fiori Launchpad. 

So, basically, if you are considering using the aforementioned SAP applications, you can make it more effective by using SAP Fiori. This way, it will be easier for you to ensure that you have been working on the right project and keeping a track of it. 

The Fiori Apps – The Types and How to Implement Them 

The guidelines that come with the SAP Fiori app are quite extensive. However, they don’t offer a specific technology that can be used in this context. So, you will need to find the guidelines to iOS SDKs and SAP UI5 that can be adapted and used here.  

Such adaptation or implementation can range from modifying how an app works to developing a custom theme and applying it accordingly. As the implementation technology isn’t specified, the process of integrating SAP Fiori can be done in many different forms.  

However, as of now, the strategy of it being implemented by using SAP UI5 JavaScript SDK is known to be highly popular. Besides it can also be used to create and deploy applications in the SAP Fiori Launchpad. 

Types of SAP Fiori Apps 

SAP Fiori, due to having a flexible design, can help a user handle various business tasks, like – 

  • Tracking purchase orders  
  • Creating data related to the purchases  
  • Displaying invoices 

However, if you want, you can use it in some other ways to help your organization achieve its goals accordingly. Here are some of the types of apps that can be deployed for it – 

1: Transactional Application 

With this type of application, a user can perform any activity related to changing, creating, and approving orders and requests. And it will be done through a guided navigation system. 

For an on-premise system based on SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP, the UI layers will be stored in the ABAP front-end server. It will contain a few product-specific components, including – 

  • UI (Any visual elements used in an application, regardless of how they are built or implemented) 
  • Control library 
  • SAPUI5 (The pre-built UI components that are included in the SAPUI5 framework) 
  • SAP Gateway with OData enablement, and 
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad  

Note: The ABAP server is and will only be relevant in an on-premise system. With regards to a cloud solution, like SAP SuccessFactors or S/4HANA, ABAP will not be involved. 

2: Analytical Application In SAP HANA Database 

With an analytical application, you’ll be able to accumulate business information while having the ability to evaluate strategic and operational KPIs in real time.  

This can be performed on both a huge volume of data or a smaller variant through a simplified front-end technology. This way, you can get enterprise control and use it efficiently. 

These types of applications can also combine the analytical power or data accumulation of SAP HANA to interface and integrate the components of SAP Business Suite. 

When a user develops and launches an analytics-based application, the launch request for it is sent to the SAP Web Dispatcher from the browser/client. That, in turn, sends the OData calls to an ABAP front-server or the SAP HANA XS.  

3: Fact Sheet Application on SAP HANA Database with ABAP Stack 

The fact sheet apps, on the other hand, are usually used to display essential contextual data of an object (mostly centralized) that’s used in various business operations.  

You can also call fact sheet apps from all of the search results that are displayed in the SAP Fiori launchpad. 


No matter how you look at it, SAP Fiori will improve your business in more than one way and help you achieve your goals. However, it might be a little difficult for you to use at first. Hence, make sure to opt for a specialist who knows all about the program. 

They might charge you a little for the same. However, you will make a lot of profit anyway. So, it won’t matter much in the end!