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RISE With SAP And Microsoft Azure: The Power To Transform

There is no denying that when it comes to creating technological ecosystems, SAP and Microsoft are among the top ten players in the industry.  

In fact, the entire range of products, services, and complete business suites can help unlock the actual value of digital transformation of all shapes and sizes.  

With the world on the cusp of the next technological revolution, businesses are looking for, 

  1. The best and most accurate data-driven insights
  2. Models for making projections and predictive analysis
  3. Access to data to professionals working at different levels
  4. Offering everything using the cloud and making it accessible anywhere

Businesses know that rather than focus on what’s behind them, they need to create structures and processes that can help them meet the ever-changing expectations of their customers. 

This article will discuss what businesses need to know about running and deploying RISE with SAP using Microsoft Azure.  


RISE with SAP and Microsoft Azure : What you need to know

RISE with SAP is a single, unified, and integrated offering to help businesses looking at engineering business transformation strategies. It bundles together some of SAP’s best offerings-  

  1. S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition (ERP Systems)
  2. Business Technology Platform
  3. Business Processes Intelligence
  4. Migration Pack to Hyperscaler Infrastructure (Choosing cloud providers like Azure)
  5. Network Starter Pack

Simply put, you can run and deploy SAP’s latest and best offering on Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure. Now you can choose other cloud solutions providers like Amazon’s Web Services or AVS and Google’s very own Google Cloud.  

According to leading experts, using Azure for RISE with SAP can help businesses with greater agility. In other words, the entire technological ecosystem helps create a certain level of flexibility and responsiveness that can help turn the company into an intelligent enterprise.


Major Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure for SAP’s RISE with SAP

The collaboration between Microsoft and SAP was first made in January 2021. Microsoft announced that it provides the cloud partnership for running S/4HANA and allowing migration and deployment.  

1.Azure is optimised for RISE with SAP-

The first benefit you should be aware of is that Azure is SAP-certified to help businesses run all their SAP processes and applications. The best part about the cloud infrastructure is that Azure provides industry-leading 192 GB to 12 TB virtual machines to run SAP’s S/4HANA. This makes it very scalable and attractive to different businesses.  

2.Advanced Analytics and Data Insights- 

We are talking about the joint prowess of two of the world’s biggest tech giants. Whether looking at real-time data to make immediate decisions or wanting predictive analysis for future outcomes, Azure and SAP can do it for you. You get a host of SAP and non-SAP data that can help create comprehensive insights for your business.  

3.Industry-Best Security and Compliance-

Microsoft’s Azure is a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure where 3500 cybersecurity experts employed by Microsoft work day and night! This ensures that your most important and sensitive data is always taken care of. This is a fact. Thanks to the Security Centre and the Security Directory, you get the most advanced cybersecurity protection on Azure.  

4.Affordable and Cost-Effective Hyperscaler Infrastructure-

Leading consulting firm Forrester had carried out a study which stated that of all the hyperscaler networks, it was Azure that was the most cost-effective. The report mentioned that businesses could look at recovering their investments in a mere nine months. It further stated that companies should look at a three-year ROI of more than 100% using Azure.  

5.Partners and Add-Ons with Microsoft Azure-

Microsoft has already established itself as one of the leading tech giants in the world. When you use Azure, you get limitless possibilities for integrating everything from the Microsoft Office suite to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. You also get unhindered access to third-party vendors like GitHub and AKS that can help businesses build additional capabilities.  


Microsoft and SAP: The New Beginnings in 2022

While Azure was one of the hyperscalers cloud solutions providers you could choose to deploy and run RISE with SAP (S/4HANA), the recent announcement took the world by storm.  

Joao Couto, Vice President of SAP’s Business Unit in Microsoft, made a landmark announcement on March 24, 2022.  

Couto announced that Microsoft is committed to deepening its ties with SAP and is looking at RISE with SAP to manage and organise some of its larger SAP ERP deployments.  

In simpler words, Microsoft would use, run, and deploy RISE with SAP internally. Some of the biggest names and brands that have in recent times moved their RISE with SAP deployment to Microsoft Azure are the following: 

  1. The NBA (National Basketball Association) 
  2. Fressnapf 
  3. Wolverine Worldwide 
  4. ATOS

Sahil Gupta, Senior VP and Head of Application Development at NBA, stated, With the built-in AI, data warehouse, and personalisation capabilities of Azure, we can generate fan-centric experiences that bring together business, game, and fan data to enhance the ways people can enjoy interacting with the NBA.” 

Benjamin Beinroth, CIO at Fressnapf, pointed out, “Microsoft always gave us open and honest advice and we could tell—they are in for the long game! We have chosen the partner closest to our heart.” 

Frederic Aubriere, Group CIO at ATOS, said, We chose Azure to increase flexibility and scalability, with a system that we can adjust as required.  In addition, we have easier interoperation with the services on offer, like Teams and Power BI, and technologies like AI, machine learning, and chatbots.” 


The Final Takeaway 

One of the things that the pandemic has made aptly clear is that transformation strategies can no longer be thought to be executed over many years. It would be best if you were immediate, impactful, and flexible. Harnessing transformational powers means that SAP and Azure must work in sync to provide the best ecosystems to businesses that help them unlock their growth potential. If you have any comments or would like us to address any of your concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with cbs today.  

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