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RISE With SAP For Industries: Driving Innovation, Agility, And Efficiency

The Fourth Industrial Revolution! 

If you have heard about the term, you probably know that we are experiencing it right now. So, what is the Fourth Industrial Revolution all about? 

In a nutshell, the fourth industrial revolution is all about new and emerging technologies. It is how these new technologies can be integrated into modern industrial production processes.  

Some technologies that immediately come to mind are the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality (VR), and Machine Learning (ML).  

While most of us are aware of the Third Industrial Revolution (the advent of computers and the internet), the Fourth will leave an everlasting impact on our lives! 

RISE with SAP for Industries helps them accelerate their digital transformation. It allows them to use new and existing innovative technologies to- 

  1. Drive innovation for their business and production processes 
  2. Become more agile and flexible in decision making 
  3. Improve collaboration with other stakeholders (vendors, suppliers, distributors, etc.) 
  4. Reduce expenditure and subscription fees of multiple enterprise software 
  5. Build competitiveness and increase efficiency and productivity 


RISE with SAP for Industries: Why is it Necessary? 

Firstly, you need to understand that engineering a digital transformation is far more difficult for larger industries and businesses than for SMEs and MSMEs.  

They have many systems, processes, employees, software integrations, and verticals. This adds to the complexity and does not encourage policymakers at bigger companies to undertake such an expansive set of changes.  

This is where RISE with SAP becomes such a simple, intelligent, and effective bundled offering for larger businesses and industries.  

So, what does RISE with SAP do for large industries? 

The need for large businesses is to change their approaches, processes, and strategies and bring them up-to-date with the latest technological solutions. You want to convert your business into an intelligent enterprise.  

RISE with SAP for industries uses a ‘vision-to-value’ method. This means: 

  1. Enterprises get access to the best and most sophisticated tools and software 
  2. Learn from benchmarking to see where they stand as compared to their competition 
  3. Move entire ERP operations to a single unified platform (S/4HANA) on the cloud 
  4. Use and apply business intelligence processes to improve agility and efficiency 
  5. Create solutions that add value to the customer and improve their experiences 


RISE with SAP is a highly customisable enterprise solution that helps industries according to the levels or stages they are at in terms of their digital transformation journeys.  


Can RISE with SAP Help Industries Improve Customer Satisfaction? 

When it comes to what customers want today, they are no longer interested in just commodity products. Customers are looking for more than just products for the money and time they invest in the research and buying experience.  

The growth and acceptance of technology have led to a fundamental change in consumer behaviour. Whether it comes to physical experiences or digital ones, customers want nothing but the best from brands. RISE with SAP helps industries fulfil customer satisfaction in the best manner.  

Let us try to explain this with the help of a real-world example- 

David is a tech professional interested in buying an EV from a reputed brand. He wants a plan that helps him calculate everything from car payments to electricity charges, service costs, and maintenance in a single unified plan (the goal: To to make David’s life easier).  

David reaches out to the auto dealership and is helped with everything he is looking for. The end objective was a customer service experience that was highly streamlined and customised according to what David exactly wanted.  

The auto brand uses RISE with SAP. This helps it with order management and revenue management processes. RISE with SAP helps create an integrated platform and a set of processes driven by SAP BPM and BTP.  


What is Included in RISE with SAP for Industries? 

RISE with SAP is a bundled solution from SAP that helps industries convert their organisations into intelligent enterprises. The BTaaS solution includes tools and SAP best practices for optimum results. Let us take a look at them now-  

  1. SAP S/4HANA Cloud– This is the industry gold standard as far as ERP systems are concerned. With the cloud (private and public cloud), industries can create fitter, leaner, and more agile business ecosystems that are accessible to employees at all times.  
  2. Tools and Services– Industries that are looking to migrate to the SAP S/4HANA can benefit from the embedded tools and services that SAP provides to make the transition easier.  
  3. SAP Business Network Starter Pack– Helps with the necessary collaboration to boost efficiency. Businesses can collaborate with vendors, suppliers, retailers, distributors, and other stakeholders to improve processes and increase speed.  
  4. Hyperscaler Infrastructure– If you go for RISE with SAP, you can opt for SAP’s infrastructure, or on the Private Cloud edition, you are free to choose hyperscalars like Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), or even Google Cloud. 
  5. SAP Business Process Intelligence– This is important since it helps you understand and align the various business processes. You can also benchmark your process against industry leaders and see what you need to do to raise your levels accordingly.  


The Final Takeaway 

Please do not be under the misconception that RISE with SAP for industries is a SaaS offering. It is not. SAP S/4HANA is a SaaS offering, but not RISE with SAP. So, what is RISE with SAP? RISE with SAP has been defined by SAP as a BTaaS model- Business Transformation as a Service.  

Currently, RISE with SAP for industries is available for five major niches-  

  • Automotive 
  • Retail 
  • Utilities 
  • FMCG 
  • Industrial Machinery and Components (IM&C) 

In the coming years, more industries will be able to benefit by incorporating RISE with SAP into their growth strategies and processes. If you have any questions you would like us to respond to, don’t hesitate to contact cbs today.