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RISE With SAP Service Description Guide : Key Points To Note

Look around you. The world is changing at a rapid pace. Whether it is the advent of new technologies or the increasing expectations of customers, businesses are hard-pressed to find solutions that can help them address these emerging challenges.  

One thing is apparent amidst all this chaos and confusion. Modern businesses must embrace the ‘digital.’ While the nature, meaning, and scope of ‘what is digital’ might vary from business to business, there is consensus that it is increasingly important in today’s times.  

Automation in business processes, data analytics in decision making, AI in processes and policy making, and robotics in manufacturing or supply chains are emerging technologies that can have far-reaching effects in improving efficiency and boosting productivity. 

RISE with SAP is SAP’s latest integrated offering that is aimed at helping businesses engineer their very own digital transformation journeys. In this resource, we will shed some light on the RISE with SAP’s Service Description Guide.  


RISE with SAP: A Brief Overview 

Let us start by listing down some of the major problems that are confronting businesses and acting as a hindrance to their productivity-  

  1. No access to real-time data, analytics, or information 
  2. Poor and disorganised supply chains 
  3. Overtly complicated IT solutions 
  4. Breakdown of professional communication and collaboration across verticals.  
  5. Outdated business models 
  6. Stagnant or slow decision-making processes 

RISE with SAP is, in essence, a one-stop solution that can help businesses in the modern era overcome the challenges mentioned above and build themselves in a manner that will help them easily integrate newer technologies (and be prepared for them).  

The new technologies we are talking about are the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Automation, Data Analytics, and so on. Integrating all the above with state-of-the-art ERP systems can transform any business into an ‘intelligent enterprise’. 

RISE with SAP comes as a bundled offering from SAP and includes five key or major components-  

  1. SAP S/4Hana Cloud (Private Edition and Public Cloud) 
  2. SAP Business Network Starter Pack 
  3. SAP Business Technology Platforms 
  4. SAP Business Intelligence Processes 
  5. Integrated Tools and Services 


Service Description Guide: RISE with SAP 

SAP offers a 78 Page Service Description Guide for RISE with SAP. While it would not be possible to discuss everything here, we will try to outline some of the important things you will find in the service description guide.  

1. SAP HANA Runtime 

The SAP HANA platform includes several components. You will most notably find the Studio, IDE Components, and the HANA Cockpit. If you want to run analytical data models and create tables in the Runtime, that can only be done using the SAP S4/HANA cloud. The entire reporting will be performed by SAP S4/HANA cloud. You can set custom views of the reports using the business intelligence processes.  

2. Core Functions-  

The service description guide proceeds to mention the various core functions and features that the entire suite can help with. As defined by the General Terms and Conditions, clients will be able to access the following with S/4HANA Cloud ERP-  

  • Batch management 
  • Delivery management 
  • Handling unit management 
  • Production control 
  • Inventory management 
  • Timesheets 
  • Transportation management 
  • Warehouse management 
  • Maintenance 
  • Raw Material requirements and planning 
  • Production 

This member access to the RISE with SAP suite will be given per user. The service description guide also helps you understand several essential components of the Full Usage Equivalent of FUE. Please note that this is only for Private Cloud Edition.  

3. Different Business Verticals-  

In the last point, we discussed the Core functions provided in RISE with SAP. Apart from the core, you have the various sections and their detailed usage and functionalities in the service description guide-  

  • Finance 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Procurement 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Information Management 

Section-wise, breakups are provided in terms of the various verticals. For example, under Finance, you have- cash management, advance payment management, retail property management, accounting management, tax compliance, contracts, invoicing, and rent management. In simple words, whatever your needs are under the Finance vertical, RISE with SAP will help you maintain track and optimise every single aspect of running a business.  

4. Industry/Business Wise Implementation-  

The next section of the description guide outlines the core functions and competencies of specific industries. Businesses in different niches have their requirements and challenges. What applies to one industry might not apply to another one. RISE with SAP is highly customised and suitable to cover the following major business sectors-  

  • Oil and Gas Industry 
  • Insurance 
  • Banking and Finance 
  • Automobiles 
  • Consumer Products (FMCG) 
  • Retail Solutions 
  • Life Sciences 
  • Education  

Let us try to give you an example using the Oil and Gas industry. RISE with SAP provides tailor-made solutions for hydrocarbon management, hydrocarbon supply and distribution, contract management, accounting, and financial management. On the other hand, you have Assumed Risks Management for a business sector like Insurance.  

5. Analytics, Hosting Providers, and other information-  

With RISE with SAP (Private Edition), you can select a hyperscaler infrastructure of your choice. Apart from SAP’s data centre, you can opt for Azure, GCP, and AWS. The last section of the description guide provides helpful information related to hosting and space requirements.  

The service description guide also has a very detailed section on ‘Analytics’. This is only accessible to users that opt for the Private Cloud Edition.  

SAP wants and encourages its clients to migrate using Brownfield Conversions to maintain their existing business processes and simply upgrade them with various customisation features. You get information on the block size, system size, and RAM requirements to run the analytics here.  

The Final Takeaway 

RISE with SAP has an extensive service guide. If you are looking for complete knowledge and understanding of what the entire suite is all about and how you will be able to apply the same to your business, you should go through this in complete detail. If you have any other questions or would like us to help you with consulting on RISE with SAP, please get in touch with us or visit our website today. We would be more than happy to help. 

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