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Successful fiscal year 2020: cbs continues to grow

Consultancy reached revenues of 104 million euros

Heidelberg, March 1, 2021 – In contrast to general trends, 2020 was a prosperous year for cbs Corporate Business Solutions: the international consultancy planned to achieve around 100 million euros in group sales in 2020 and realised 104 million euros – a growth of about 13 per cent compared to 2019, with continued above-average profitability. At the same time, the number of employees increased by 16 per cent from 600 to more than 700. cbs, headquartered in Heidelberg, has 20 locations worldwide.

Harald Sulovsky, founder and CEO: “Despite Corona, cbs had a successful and once again profitable year. We even exceeded the targets we had set for 2020.” Customers were and are affected, especially in the manufacturing and automotive industries. That caused a drop in demand, also for cbs – projects were postponed, downsized or stopped. The demand increased after the first wave of the pandemic. “We won new projects and new customers,” Sulovsky is pleased to report.

This was true for the German core market as well as for growing foreign entities, he said. “In Switzerland, cbs has made a breakthrough to more customers after running a major transformation project,” the CEO says. The subsidiary in Austria opened at the beginning of 2020, and the new premise in Finland strengthen the presence in Europe. The ‘Delivery Centers’ in Spain and Malaysia are benefiting from the core market. Business in Asia is going well, and cbs successfully establish itself in the U.S. in its third year. “Our foreign entities have developed very well. The new branches placed on the market are also delivering positive results after a short investment phase – unusual in the consulting industry,” emphasises Harald Sulovsky.


cbs expands its corporate management


In the U.S., cbs has implemented an innovative lighthouse project with SPS Companies Inc.: one of the first S/4HANA migrations to the private cloud in manufacturing industries. This is practical evidence and an early example for the recent ‘RISE with SAP’ initiative, which the software company launched at the beginning of 2021 as a global customer program for intelligent business transformation. “We are pleased once again to provide a point of reference to the SAP market. With ‘RISE with SAP’, SAP emphasises the importance of ‘holistic business transformation’ for its customers – close to cbs’ reputation: comprehensive business process solutions based on SAP technologies,” the CEO sees himself confirmed.

On the successful growth path, cbs will expand its corporate management in 2021. In addition to Harald Sulovsky as CEO, Holger Scheel, Rainer Wittwen and Stefan Risse will be appointed as new managing directors of cbs Corporate Business Solutions Unternehmensberatung GmbH. Harald Sulovsky, CEO and Managing Director: “The profitable growth of cbs and our vision 2025 require a new range of responsibilities within the management team. The cooperation with the three new managing directors is consistent and important for the future of cbs.” The global consulting business of cbs will continue to be managed jointly by Markus Geib, Oliver Dorsner and Jürgen Remmert.