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Why Partner With cbs?

Our partners strategically decide to include SDT based on cbs software in its service portfolio. A special enablement program will allow our partners to rapidly build up ET-based migration expertise and introduce the cbs transformation solution offering into new markets and customer segments in hybrid delivery models.

“It is important that the global SAP market has swift access to a wide range of professional SDT migration services. As SAP consultants and partners, we consider it our task to facilitate this and want to do our bit to help SAP customers transition to S/4HANA – quickly and cost-effectively – and drive forward their digital transformation. The aim must be for more companies to be able to advance their digital business on S/4”
Rainer Wittwen
CEO, cbs Corporate Business Solutions

Partnering with cbs will enable any projects to be a business-driven, technology-enabled approach in delivering our digital transformation, focused on solving critical business problems.

The Jointed Consulting Partnership for Selective Data Transformation

A highly collaborative partnership that truly works

cbs is one of the very few consulting firms with a unique standard software (Enterprise Transformer) for complex SAP transformation projects that enables high-speed transformation into the target structure. How about the collaborative approach when working with our consulting partners?

Even though cbs has the competency for an end-2-end transformation, such as handling Business processes, Applications & Technology and Data transformation, we are flexible with the involvement with our consulting partners.

It is in our DNA to ensure Processes, Data and Technology are closely aligned! Instead of going through the motion as a data transformation specialist, we collaborate precisely with our consulting partners.

How collaborating with cbs might look like

home/Software/Lösungen/cbs MDV
Analysis to understand the system data via cbs ET Scan.
Conduct SLT workshops collaboratively with our partner for transformation rules to ensure the configuration rule and setup make sense for the customer target system.
Since cbs is the subject matter expert for our software, we will ensure the setup is aligned with the discussed requirement quickly and accurately.
Heavily involved with the primary transaction test and validation to reduce test runs and mitigate potential problems immediately.
cbs and our Consulting partner will have joint and collaborative input into cutover activities to ensure any potential blind spots are covered to reduce pitfalls when going live.
cbs will provide implicit basis advisory to our partner for the technical approaches to prevent waste of effort and project delivery delays.
“We believe a successful consulting partnership is built on trust, collaboration, and a shared commitment to delivering measurable results for our clients.”
Holger Bock
Managing Director, cbs Asia Pacific

Partnership to bring innovative SAP S/4HANA transformation software to a wider global market

Corporate SAP customers with complex and diverse landscapes and systems need economically efficient and technically reliable approaches for the transformation of their ERP systems.

Selective Data Transition (SDT) offers these customers a software-based, high-performance standard transition process, overcoming the various challenges by enabling flexible data migration of selective innovations and best practices with minimal disruption to process operations. A prerequisite for SDT projects is the use of special software.

cbs ET Enterprise Transformer is the world’s first transformation software for migrating existing process and system landscapes flexibly and holistically to the solution and data structures of S/4HANA.

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