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Brexit – Adopt your SAP System

our offering for the UK Exit from EU

Heidelberg, January 5th, 2021 – The Brexit is completed. Great Britain leaves the European Union! An EU country becomes a third country. And now? Simply change the country indicator in SAP? Unfortunately, that’s not enough! There is more to be done. We help you make the issue transparent and adapt your SAP system to the new circumstances.

This includes necessary program corrections according to the relevant SAP notes, adaptations of the customer’s own coding, adaptation of customizing, adjustment of master data, and adjustment of open documents.


Quick overview of processes and flow of goods


Of course, we do not stop at the SAP ERP system, but also take care of the existing SAP GTS solution. But before you start customizing the system, you should get an overview of the processes and the flow of goods. Not only the goods flow between the EU and Great Britain is relevant, the exchange of goods with Northern Ireland must also be considered.

Whether exporting or importing, if you do business with the UK, your SAP system is affected! It is time to act!
With “Brexit – Adopt your SAP System”, cbs offers a comprehensive range of consulting services based on proven building blocks of our expertise and linking them with each other:

  • Process consulting
  • Country expertise
  • Landscape Transformation Services incl. cbs ET Enterprise Transformer
  • Extraordinary knowledge in the area of customs

Please contact us whenever you need support!


Jürgen Remmert
Consulting Director