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SAP Supply Chain Management

Holistic solutions for digital logistics processes

Digital Extended Supply Chain Management

Digitalisation is progressing at breakneck speed. Individuals, companies, and societies network in real-time. The global economy is changing – and so too are the opportunities and challenges for logistics. Sustainable supply chain management can keep pace with these developments and support complete customer orientation with personalised products in the digital supply network.

A Synergy of Established Processes and New Technologies

For 25 years, cbs has relied on integrated process and technology consulting in supply chain management for industrial customers. With the experience acquired from projects in many different industries, we offer in-depth expertise in production planning (S&OP, material requirements planning, availability checks, and capacity planning) and implementation.

In addition to traditional PP functionalities, cbs consultants can help you analyse and implement new technologies such as Integrated Business Planning (IBP), MRP Live, advanced ATP (aATP), embedded production planning and detailed scheduling (PP/DS), Demand Driven MRP (DD-MRP), or predictive MRP (pMRP). By seamlessly integrating your procurement, warehousing, and detailed planning processes, we ensure transparency and consistency throughout the entire supply chain based on the latest SCM technologies.

This means we enable you to retain long-standing processes and further optimise them with new functionalities.

Experts in SAP S/4HANA and Integrated Business Planning

Drawing on experience gained from many SAP S/4HANA projects, we support our customers in designing tailored, optimised planning processes. Our experienced consultants can help ensure the perfect interplay of the new planning options, combining the best of the new SAP S/4HANA world and the traditional SAP ECC world.

Using SAP’s new Integrated Business Planning solution, we help you implement a holistic planning process that affords a standardized view of forecasting, rough-cut capacity planning, and inventory optimization based on common data.

Supply chains are becoming more demand-driven, connected, and customer-oriented. We offer comprehensive consulting expertise to help you respond appropriately and manage your successful transformation.
Holger Bock
Managing Director / cbs Asia-Pacific

Holistic Solutions for Logistics Processes: Supply Chain Excellence

Through our subsidiary, leogistics GmbH, we offer international industrial and logistics companies comprehensive consulting services and specific solutions for supply chain execution, warehouse logistics, and transport logistics with SAP software.

As a logistics consultant and SAP application expert in supply chain execution (SCE), leogistics focuses on SAP Transportation Management (TM), Event Management (EM), Warehouse Management (WM, EWM) and SAP Planning (ERP, APO).


For a detailed consultation we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Just contact us directly:

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