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01.09.2020 | Webinar

SAP Carve-Outs and Post Merger Integration through an IT lens

Welcome to our 2020 cbs Coffee Break-Out Sessions!


After long summer at home, the team at cbs was looking at ways to engage with customers in a more consistent manner. What better way than weekly educational sessions covering everything from S/4HANA Awareness and real S/4HANA Playgrounds, to Carve-Outs and Harmonized Master Data and everything in between.

This first session is a classic, but always interesting topics surrounding M&A activities and Carve-Outs. These projects often come up in IT with very short notice, and contractual due dates have to been met to avoid heavy penalties.


We will discuss questions like:
  • What is the impact of a share deal vs. an asset deal on the IT activities?
  • How can IT prepare for upcoming M&A activities without prior notice from their M&A folks and gain more time to deliver the integration / carve-out services?
  • What options do you have for Carve-Outs and post M&A activities and when would you use them?
  • How can IT engage with C-Level and M&A department and make them aware of IT requirements for a successful IT integration / separation?


This webinar is free and open to any SAP customer.

As a SAP partner or consultant please contact us for our special partner education sessions.

Do you have any questions about our Events? Please contact:

Victor Puente
Manager, Sales & Marketing