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RISE with SAP – is this the missing piece of your organization’s success?

Today’s world of business has become quite fast and volatile.

Wouldn’t you agree?

After all, if you falter even once in your job, you might end up falling far away from all your market competitors. And that’s something no one wants to experience.

The solution?

Well, when it comes to making your business more flexible and efficient, it is important to consider digitization. Taking a closer look at RISE with SAP is going to be an excellent option for you and your business.

Please keep reading this article till the end to learn more about this context.


What is RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP is a future-proof platform that can help you get started with an all-inclusive cloud subscription package from a single vendor. It is meant to help accelerate cloud adoption and lower the guesswork around the decision. This is a complete change in business model from SAP, throwing traditional software licenses out the window.

The solution generally revolves around six different areas of organizational purpose that were chosen for RISE with SAP. Each and every one here has been selected after doing proper consumer research. So, it’s definitely going to work in the right way for you.


An Example to Understand the Topic Better

In truth, SAP has a long history of offering simpler, easier, and more efficient workflows in an organization. Let’s take SAP S/4HANA as an example here.

It’s a platform that can help you update your business model with just a few clicks. Besides, it can also offer quicker analytics and accurate forecasting for informed decision-making.

Apart from this, SAP S/4HANA is also quite efficient in offering speedier and better month/year-end closing. A lot of this is standard functionality now in SAP S/4HANA, so human error is almost completely removed from the equation.

RISE with SAP has been made to offer the same as well. For example, it’s defined by SAP as –

  •   One contract – can manage SLA and issue management. And various other operations by using a single agreement. There’s no need to do renewals every time you do another task.
  •       One offer – offers all its products in a bundled manner. And, you have to pay only once for it, and then you can use the same for the given period of time.

This will be particularly beneficial for a small organization that doesn’t have an adequate amount of technical expertise to maintain complex IT environments. The pricing strategy can easily take care of their budget as a whole and ensure that they’re not breaking the bank.

The core idea of RISE with SAP is to offer a more tailored and flexible solution that’s going to take care of your specific needs. And RISE with SAP does the same by providing an excellent, all-inclusive working structure to your organization.


What is included in RISE with SAP?

As mentioned before, RISE with SAP comes with six different options or variations. Each of them is quite different than the other. So, it’s best to know as much as you can about them before you start using them.


Option – 1: S/4HANA Cloud Suite.

S/4HANA is SAP’s enterprise resource planning. And the S/4HANA Cloud is the hosted variant for organizations who don’t want to use the on-premise solution.

The suite comes with a line of business solutions, including –

  •       Supply chain.
  •       Finance.
  •       Sourcing and Procurement.
  •       Research and development.
  •       Asset management

There are others such as sales, manufacturing, service which can all be activated depending on the customer. If you are using it on-premise now, there will be a cloud alternative available.

Nonetheless, here’s the thing.

Unlike the old days of purchasing on-premise licenses, RISE with SAP offers a flexible “pay-as-you-go” SaaS model that is scalable and efficient. Need to double the number of users? No problem!

Option – 2: SAP Business Network Starter Pack.

The SAP Business Network Starter Pack comes with a set of functionalities that can help you in connecting with other trading partners. Leveraging the Ariba Network integrated into the RISE program, connecting your S/4HANA system to the SAP Business Network has never been easier.

With the pack, you will be able to –

  •       Find as well as qualify a supplier with ease and efficiency.
  •       Manage your inventory and track all of your assets, even when they’re in transit.
  •       Increase overall transparency through an online support system.

Aside from these, you can also merge maintenance processes and asset management to some extent. This, in turn, will help you in tracking performance analytics, checking out the overall assessment of your audience, and much more.


Option – 3: System Hosting Alternatives.

The SAP S/4HANA cloud system runs in the cloud (duh!). So, as a consumer, you’ll need to choose where this is to be hosted.

SAP recently started offering their own hosting platform for customers a few years ago. Of course, it is also compatible with the following –

  •       Google Cloud.
  •       Microsoft Azure.
  •       Amazon Web Services.
  •       Alibaba Cloud.

A simple lift-and-shift to the cloud is not necessarily complex. The problem lies in the fact that this is a great opportunity to make changes that enable transformation, so it’s always good to take a really close look at the bigger picture.


Option – 4: Business Process Intelligence.

Business process intelligence technology is all about improving of your business processes. With SAP Signavio, this is being integrated into the RISE offering as well. Here’s what you’re going to get from here –

  •       The “design and simulate” component generally enables you to use the already-existing business data properly. This can help you curate and run one or two business solutions to see if it’s working well or not.
  •       With the “analyze” component, a data scientist can take a deep dive into the world of system data. This can help identify gaps in the current process landscape and drive additional efficiencies.
  •       The “roll out and govern” component generally focuses on processing and curating the overall management segment for the end users. In addition, it also allows you and the other people to collaborate with each other and roll out the required documentation.
  •       The “improve” component is all about providing a way to increase or boost your total efficiency. It does so by using no-code automation, AI, as well as one or two advanced automation tools, like SAP Intelligent RPA.
  •       The “benchmark” component showcases how an organization fares to aggregated industry information offered by SAP. It does so in an effort to offer concrete and correct analysis or recommendation on where you must improve.
  •       The “monitor” component is all about keeping a tab on all of your solutions’ performance. It ensures that each and everything is running smoothly. If there’s something wrong with anything, it’ll let you know about it.
  •       The “model and manage Home Base” component tries to tie back to the rollout and assesses the component by offering departments a proper management area. This makes it easier to view core processes and collaborate with them.

Due to the recent purchase of Signavio made by SAP, the overall efficiency of their business process intelligence toolset should continue to improve.


Option – 5: SAP BTP Consumption Credits.

Let’s be honest here. Almost every business out there is different and unique in their own way.

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) offers customers a way to innovate inside SAP with low-code or no-code solutions. Handle all your integration frameworks from one place with SAP Integration Suite or SAP Data Intelligence Cloud.

All of this in the cloud. All of this as part of your RISE with SAP contract.


Option – 6: Embedded services and tools.

Apart from everything else, RISE with SAP also offers access to a wide array of services and technologies. They offer lifecycle management solutions of your corporation and take care of the analytics department.

Examples of such services might include the following –

  •       Deployment assistance.
  •       Supply chain process improvement.
  •       Intelligence business design.
  •       The removal of the legacy code.
  •       Business scenario planning, and much more.

Again, each of these is going to be pretty important for your organizational endeavor, and SAP has made it easier than ever to take advantage of all these tools available inside their ecosystem.


How does it help its customers?

The primary aim of RISE with SAP is to ready you up for S/4HANA. And eventually, it’ll also pave the path to becoming an intelligent enterprise. However, before you get to that point, you’ll need to follow through with three steps in this aspect, including –

  •       Redesigning your business process accordingly (RISE with SAP will come with a few tools to perform the task properly).
  •       Performing a technical migration procedure (lift-and-shift to the cloud will be required).
  •       Creating an intelligent enterprise (RISE with SAP can help you optimize all business processes through automation).

The idea here is to help customer become more efficient through removing repetitive, manual tasks through automation. This will allow them to focus on more value-adding tasks such as servicing the customer.


Is RISE with SAP going to be a gamechanger?

Oh, yes. RISE with SAP is, indeed, going to be a game-changer for an organization. Let us tell you a little more in this context –

  •       SAP is really pushing RISE as a priority. This means the best (and possibly only) discounts will be available here.
  •       Single point of sale brings a wide array of products and services (where in the past you needed a handful of contracts, you now only need one hosting, software licenses, upgrades, etc.)
  •       You will always be leveraging SAP’s latest innovations through automatic upgrade cycles.
  •       Finally, RISE with SAP is quite simple and easy to use as well. Intelligent tools will help make you more agile and adapt to changing market conditions.


Should You Use RISE With SAP?

In our opinion, RISE with SAP is the best possible solution for most SMEs looking to scale. In any case, we’d still ask you to contact SAP or an expert to discuss in more detail.