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E-Invoice World Cloud

One-stop end-to-end outsourcing

The Challenge of Complex Regulations

The worldwide legal and fiscal requirements in the field of business-to-government (B2G) scenarios (for example, e-invoicing, e-governance, e-reporting, e-delivery, and e-tracking) are extremely rigorous, ranging from mandatory electronic invoicing (see SAP Nota Fiscal Eletrônica in Brazil), comprehensive and correct reporting of business transactions right through to processing and presentation of various special taxes.

The regulatory requirements are also subject to constant changes, sometimes involving significant adjustments to the system and process landscape. In 2020, Hungary, Turkey, and India are among those who will see changes of this kind. All of this makes implementing, using, and maintaining a global SAP solution a costly and complex challenge in these countries. Fortunately, companies looking to avoid the considerable technical and organizational effort involved can outsource the entire process of exchanging documents with the tax authorities.

cbs E-Invoice World Cloud is the comprehensive solution for exchanging data with the fiscal authorities.
Oliver Villwock
Consulting Director

Quality, Performance, and Availability when Exchanging Data

cbs has already successfully supported more than 120 industrial companies with global SAP rollouts. The resulting experience, established best practices, and customer requirements have all been used to create the cbs E-Invoice World Cloud, an SAP-based cloud solution for legally compliant processing of electronic communications with public authorities. This platform ensures quality, performance, and availability when exchanging data. It eliminates the need to retain corresponding technical and organizational resources, allowing customers to focus on their core processes. To date, the market-proven solution has processed more than 1.4 million messages for more than 50 customers in 7 countries and scored top marks in the latest customer satisfaction survey.

Specialist Article: e-Invoicing in Latin America

The strict legal requirements in South America go far beyond mere reporting obligations. Their tangible effects on logistics processes can lead to massive disruptions that prevent local subsidiaries from operating efficiently. To learn more, check out this specialist article from cbs.


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