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cbs E-Invoice World Cloud Passes the 1 Million Mark

The outsourcing package for data exchange with the tax authorities has become established within the SAP market

Heidelberg, October 30st, 2019 — Three years ago, cbs launched the E-Invoice World Cloud, which supports industrial companies with the complex exchange of data with the tax authorities. Today, the one-stop package is being used by a growing number of customers; 75 international companies at the current count. The cloud solution recently saw its one millionth invoice. And this number continues to grow. Almost 100,000 messages are processed each month. “What this proves is that our product is mature, stable, reliable and fully established in the market. It is valued by the customers,” explains Oliver Villwock, Consulting Director SAP Basis at cbs.

E-Invoice World Cloud is an SAP-based cloud solution that supports electronic communications with the region’s authorities in line with the applicable legal guidelines. The platform ensures quality, performance, and availability during the exchange of data. The solution is now being used by companies from the most varied sectors in Central and South America (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia), and in Europe (Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Hungary). It will soon also be available for Turkey.

Besides e-invoicing, the international legal and taxation requirements of B2G (Business to Government) scenarios also cover the areas of e-delivery, e-payment, and e-reporting. Regulatory requirements are changing all the time, which sometimes calls for extensive adjustments to company system and process landscapes.