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Sustainable Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Intelligent value chains for agile and resilient industrial companies

The Next Generation Value Chain is Sustainable

In today’s environment, sustainability is both an economic and an environmental imperative.
Creating sustainable value and impact is key to a company’s future viability and success as a global market leader. The potential to realize sustainability lies in the value chain and is often hidden. It needs to be unlocked, with a broader perspective and a comprehensive goal.

We develop and realize a shared vision with our customers: A competitive, intelligent and resilient Supply-Chain that enables manufacturing industry champions for sustainable growth in an uncertain environment.

Our Consulting Portfolio

Holistic Design-to-Operate Coverage

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Value Drivers for Sustainable Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Cost Reduction

cbs helps and advises you to identify your cost efficiency goals strategically and operationally, plan them in an integrative manner and tackle them head-on. We support you throughout the entire supply chain and manufacturing along the design-to-operate process from strategy to implementation.

Cost optimization is more than a one-time effort; it is an ongoing discipline focused on reducing spending while maximizing business value. It cannot be treated in isolation but must always be considered interactively to make informed targeted decisions for growth and transformation.

Review your current operating model with us to ensure that you have the optimal conditions, technologies and processes for efficient operation.

Delivery Performance

cbs specializes in helping companies improve the resilience and sustainability of their supply chains and mitigate disruptions and instabilities in the business process. We distinguish ourselves by positioning integrated business planning as a central element along the design-to-operate process in order to ensure on-time delivery in execution.

In this way, we achieve a synchronous axis between execution and planning via the seamless business process view in order to reflect awareness in the decision to be made and its consequences.

Design your target picture for your Design-2-Operate process with us and start with an outside-in view via our 360⁰ value chain assessment.

Quality Optimization

cbs enables a 360° perspective on the value chain to ensure quality through a comprehensive approach that includes various elements such as organization, processes, technology, and data.

To improve quality within the supply chain and manufacturing, cbs supports companies to develop innovative strategies and technologies that enable an optimal trade-off between efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility. This is referred to as mastering the “magic triangle” and is crucial for ensuring the future viability of global market leaders.

Inventory Management

cbs supports industrial manufacturing customers to identify untapped potential for improvement in their inventory optimization along the entire value chain, to define improvement measures and to optimize them sustainably.

Together, we analyze their individual objectives and framework conditions and develop optimal solutions that meet the requirements of the end-customers and suppliers. This enables corporations to find an optimal balance between delivery performance and inventory.

Start with our Inventory Health Check in combination with state-of-the-art Data-Process-Mining to identify inventory optimization potential within the value chain.

Intelligent Manufacturing

In a highly networked, increasingly dynamic world, it is becoming more and more difficult to make decisions due to a lack of experience and great uncertainty about the future. What will intelligent solutions look like in the future that enable quick decisions to be made in uncertain times?

An intelligent supply chain is characterized by the systematic collection and analysis of relevant data along the value chain. Algorithms and technologies help to identify dependencies and provide recommendations for action, including actuators that make automated adjustments.

We enable our customers to establish an intelligent supply chain requires a target image of how the stages of the value chain should interact with each other and what data is required for this. Within the roadmap to the digital supply chain, the individual fields can be implemented piece by piece and successively connected, depending on priority.

Resilient Value Chain

Realizing a more and more resilient Sustainable Supply Chain & Manufacturing through a strategically planned integrated value chain – from planning to manufacturing and logistics. With a holistic digital approach and the utilization of newest technologies, global market leaders change their processes and organization to reach transparency and continuous planning.

By focusing on these factors, a manufacturing industry corporation can build a more resilient and sustainable value chain, capable of withstanding and quickly adapting to the ever-changing global market demands.

Based on the 360⁰ Value Chain Assessment, a resilient yet agile target image can be designed. Step by step, successful customers achieve new digital plateaus and increase their resilience and competitiveness.

NEXT ONE DSC Architecture

The digital transformation of the application landscape in supply chain and manufacturing is a complex challenge that requires seamless integration of technologies, systems, and real-time data. Those responsible are under tremendous pressure, not only due to the constantly shortening cycles of change but also because of expiring applications.

Our expertise in supply chain and manufacturing consulting, technology consulting, and transformation excellence enables us to support our clients on their journey to an innovative and competitive differentiating digital platform for the design-to-operate process.

The fields of action include:
The analysis of strategic corporate goals and the current situation as well as their impact on the design-to-operate E2E process. The derivation into the target image of the Intelligent Enterprise and the cbs Industry Best Practice, as well as the design of the roadmap. The complete implementation of the digital transformation, including project and change management.

ESG Strategy and Realization

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a critical factor for industrial manufacturing companies due to its significant impact on the environment, society, and business operations. cbs provides a framework known as cbs.zero, which helps businesses build a sustainable and resilient supply chain.

The cbs.zero framework provides you with a viable lever for addressing the challenges you currently face: Climate change, pollution, resource scarcity. By adopting sustainable practices, you minimize your company’s carbon footprint.
You reduce your emissions and conserve your resources. You help preserve our planet for future generations and reduce the risks associated with pollution.

The cbs.zero framework helps you make your supply chain more efficient, reduce costs and improve the management of your critical resources. Your company becomes more attractive to customers, employees and investors who increasingly value environmentally sustainable business practices.

From Strategy to ExecutionHolistic Consulting

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Technology Systems | Technology | Infrastructure Solution Design Implementation Strategy Strategy | Governance | Steering Model Processes Business Processes | Material & Value Flows Target Operating Model Health Checks Target Picture 360° Value Chain Assessment


Kaeser Kompressoren

Endress+Hauser TS


Efficient and flexible production at Kaeser Kompressoren

How Kaeser Kompressoren combines customised customer products with the highest quality standards using SAP MES.

MES legacy system replacement with an agile project approach at Endress+Hauser TS

When production and IT pull together to replace legacy systems, the company is optimally positioned for a dynamic future. One of the main drivers for the project was traceability along the entire electronics production process.

NEXT Generation Warehouse Management

By switching from WM to a decentralised EWM, Grünenthal has achieved a new dimension in automation and direct integration of material flows and production.

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