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Partnership with Deloitte: cbs delivers S/4 transformation software

Standard Software cbs ET as Pioneer and Driver
of Digital Transformation


Heidelberg, January 27th, 2022 – cbs has agreed a strategic partnership with the audit and consulting company Deloitte. The aim of the cooperation is to enable large existing SAP customers worldwide to migrate quickly and securely to the S/4HANA future technology by using high-quality transformation software. This provides the opportunity to further accelerate digital transformation in the industrial environment and to spread S/4 more widely as a central solution platform. cbs is thus further expanding its existing “ONE Digital Enterprise” business model and is also increasingly entering new markets as a software provider.

The core business of the Heidelberg-based consultancy remains unaffected. As a premium provider of end-2-end solutions for international industrial companies, cbs offers a unique complete portfolio for designing processes and transforming system landscapes on a global scale. cbs has always focused on global market leaders, hidden champions and medium-sized corporations in the manufacturing industry. cbs would like to further advance the software business through partners in other markets and industries. The basis for this is the proven standard software cbs ET Enterprise Transformer, which is regarded as an enabler of digital transformation at maximum speed.


Software-supported migration for major SAP customers


“cbs ET is the engine and guarantor of success of the Digital Transformation to S/4HANA. Large SAP customers in other industries and from other regional markets around the world need such powerful transformation software and migration services based on it to migrate their many SAP systems. We see a great demand here beyond our core business,” explains Rainer Wittwen, CEO at cbs.

cbs is a founding member of the “S/4HANA Selective Data Transition Engagement”. The community founded by SAP pursues the idea of making SAP’s specific offering available to the global customer market and scaling it to the maximum extent possible. The goal is to provide the necessary software for high customer demand and to expand migration expertise and the number of specialists for the S/4 transition globally.

Through a customized enablement program, Deloitte will build ET-based migration expertise in a timely manner and extend the reach of the cbs transformation solution offering in hybrid delivery models to new markets and customer segments. The Deloitte SDT approach involves integrating consultants certified for cbs ET into the SAP project to ensure the best possible dovetailing of technical knowledge and tool expertise, which ultimately benefits customers. “The more companies can access a broad delivery offering of professional SDT migration services, the better. As a partner of SAP, we want to do our part to ensure that industrial customers make progress with digitization – and do so as economically and quickly as possible. SDT is the proven and right way to do this,” explains Wittwen.

“The value proposition to our customers in our existing core business remains the central part of the cbs DNA. Our corporate strategy remains unchanged. Software-enabled transformations are an exceptional strength that opens up additional development opportunities for us in new markets. We want to use these to complement our business,” he continues.