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Strategic triad of speed, VALUE and scale – the cbs way

We all know that in a world that is changing ever faster, flexibility, efficiency and adaptability are of the utmost importance. With constant change being the norm, businesses must swiftly embrace innovation to stay ahead. This is all too often approached in a very technical way, without concentrating on creating real and quickly added value for the end user. This is where cbs shines. We’re at the forefront of shaping the future of business by harnessing SAP’s latest technology and employing a distinctive approach focused on SPEED, VALUE, and SCALE.

Businesses must reshape their operations to be competitive and flexible – accompanied by a change in the corresponding enterprise architecture. ERP systems like SAP are fundamental in this shift, serving as the backbone of many organizations. Nevertheless, clients continue to struggle with justifying the move to SAP S/4HANA. A practical starting point is leveraging the capabilities of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). This method allows for a low-cost, quick initiation of the transition.

Transformation programs to S/4 are often planned over several years. Let’s not kid ourselves, though – with the transition to S/4, you get a new system with some new features, but that doesn’t automatically make you innovative! With SAP BTP, you can start immediately

Value – immediate business value on fingertip

Every company strives to optimize operations, minimize errors, and maximize the value of their applications. Imagine seamlessly integrating external partners, automating tasks, and refining processes for peak efficiency – that’s what CBS delivers. We believe collaboration is essential for

success, empowering companies to reach new heights by fostering collaboration across their networks.

But our commitment goes beyond collaboration. We recognize that user experience is key to efficiency. That’s why we focus on crafting user-friendly interfaces that simplify tasks and reduce error-prone manual processes. Envision navigating your daily workload with intuitive designs that boost productivity, allowing your employees to drive innovation and push your company forward with precision.

Additionally, our unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability sets us apart. Picture this: Your company is transitioning to a paperless environment to reduce waste and conserve resources. With small and tailored mobile and web applications, information becomes readily accessible wherever and whenever it’s needed. This not only speeds up decision-making but also promotes real-time collaboration, overcoming geographical barriers and driving progress at an exceptional speed.

When we look at SAP S/4HANA transformation programs, these programs are often set up over several years. How do we ensure that this transformation journey delivers tangible, immediate benefits? This is where SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) comes into the picture. SAP BTP enables businesses to adopt a value-driven approach, focusing on delivering rapid results and tangible outcomes. By leveraging SAP BTP’s suite of tools and services, companies can develop applications tailored to their specific needs, accelerating time-to-value and maximizing Return of Investment (ROI).

An essential advantage of this approach is that it gives you immediate business buy-in, meaning that a transformation to S/4 is no longer just an IT project!
Bastian Schiele
Senior Manager

We advocate for a fast value approach, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing immediate value delivery over large-scale initiatives. With SAP BTP, businesses can start on their digital transformation journey with confidence, knowing that every step they take is geared towards unlocking tangible business benefits swiftly and efficiently.

In today’s competitive landscape, efficiency is the name of the game! In some cases, harmonization of systems and platforms is only feasible over a long-time horizon, in some cases it is not possible or not even desired. Here, quick wins can be generated with cross-platform processes on the BTP. With little effort, processes can be orchestrated, optimized and made transparent across multiple systems. Automation can often be implemented with just a few simple steps, which further streamlines processes.

Don’t hesitate! Increase your efficiency and competitiveness to new heights with us by your side, fueled by SAP BTP. Let´s get started!

Changing the approach with the strategic triad of SPEED. VALUE and SCALE

With an extensive history of delivering top-notch digital solutions—boasting a portfolio of over 150 and counting—CBS stands not just as a service provider, but as a beacon of innovation. Beyond simply digitizing processes, we’re committed to driving innovation through SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP). By leveraging the latest SAP technologies, we empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve, fostering continuous improvement and adaptability in an ever-changing landscape.

Exciting updates are on the horizon in our next episode, where we’ll delve into the SCALE of our approach. But why wait? If you’re eager to dive into our strategic methodology now, reach out to us. Our consultants are ready to demonstrate how you can unlock unparalleled SCALE through our approach in an initial workshop today.

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Bastian Schiele
Senior Manager