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Business model expansion: cbs partners with Capgemini

Bringing innovative SAP S/4HANA transformation software to a wider global market

Heidelberg, October 28th, 2020 – cbs Corporate Business Solutions has entered a strategic partnership with Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services. The goal is to enable a swift, robust transition to S/4HANA technology for existing corporate SAP customers worldwide through the deployment of high-quality transformation software, accelerating digital transformation and increasing the widespread adoption of S/4HANA as a central solution platform. This represents an expansion of cbs’ existing business model ONE Digital Enterprise. It will also give Heidelberg-based cbs the opportunity to expand into new markets as a software provider without impacting its core business.

As a premium provider of end-2-end solutions for international industrial companies, cbs offers a unique portfolio for the design of processes and transformation of system landscapes on a global scale. cbs is a quality leader and has always focused on medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry. Its comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio gives customers the benefit of innovative approaches for the creation of global solutions, helping them achieve significant added value with greatly reduced project lead times. The company is now expanding its software business with partnerships in new markets and sectors on the basis of its standard software cbs ET Enterprise Transformer; the enabler of high-speed digital transformations.

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cbs delivers its own end-2-end transformation machine


The entire SAP world is currently poised to transition to S/4HANA. Corporate SAP customers with complex and diverse landscapes and systems need economically efficient and technically reliable approaches for the transformation of their ERP systems. Selective Data Transition (SDT) offers these customers a software-based, high-performance standard transition process, overcoming the various challenges by enabling flexible data migration of selective innovations and best practices with minimal disruption to process operations. A prerequisite for SDT projects is the use of special software. cbs ET Enterprise Transformer is the world’s first transformation software for migrating existing process and system landscapes flexibly and holistically to the solution and data structures of S/4HANA. cbs ET Enterprise Transformer has already proven itself in a flagship project at Viessmann, one of the world’s leading energy system manufacturers with 12,000 employees and 2.5 billion EUR in annual revenue.

“cbs ET is the ultimate enabler of digital transformation to S/4. In our market, we offer everything a customer needs from a single source. However, we are also seeing great demand beyond our core area and core business. Corporate SAP customers from other sectors and other regional markets around the world need this type of powerful transformation software, and migration services, to migrate their many SAP systems,” explains Rainer Wittwen, Member of the Management Board.


No impact on existing core business


“The new partnership will not impact our existing core business, in which we have been a general contractor providing comprehensive consulting services to major industrial companies for 25 years,” stresses Wittwen. “This commitment to our customers is part of cbs’ DNA. In essence, our corporate strategy remains unchanged. Software-based transformations represent an extraordinary strength that will open up additional opportunities for us in new markets. We hope to leverage this to augment our business,” he continues.