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Software-based solutions for SAP data lifecycle

Data represents processes in the SAP system. In the process, it goes through a lifecycle in which a wide variety of requirements can arise. These range from migration to a new system, standardization and harmonization, provision of test data, to analysis or continuous monitoring of data quality. All these requirements cannot be met efficiently with standard tools. Therefore, we offer solutions based on our standard software cbs ET Enterprise Transformer. These help companies to efficiently fulfill these requirements along the entire lifecycle of a data set.

Requirement for data in the lifecycle

Even the initial creation of a data set can involve extensive requirements. For example, if the data is created by migration from other systems. Subsequently, there are requirements in the area of standardization and harmonization, for example, to standardize reporting in financial accounting.

Data is also in focus in the context of restructuring organizational structures or M&A activities. Further requirements are the continuous validation and evaluation of master data as well as the provision of test data. Especially before larger projects, such as the change to SAP S/4HANA, there is the requirement for system-wide and project-related data analysis. Therefore, we offer solutions for the entire data lifecycle:


The cbs EA Enterprise Analyzer incorporates the know-how from our process and technology consulting. The analysis results contain statements not only about data volumes, but also about data quality and use. Interactive dashboards help to analyze data, processes and structures in detail helping drive decisions for the specific transformation project.

Test & Build

The cbs S/4HANA Selective Prototype offers a real S/4 system environment based on the existing SAP ERP world. With this, all important business processes can be tested, optimized and adapted. Furthermore, in this test environment one has the possibility to discover new functionalities and to create prototypes. This provides valuable insights for the future S/4HANA transition.


With our Best Practice Business Solutions we cover all relevant data transformation topics. This can be the execution of a carve-out or a restructuring. Or the harmonization of data and processes. But also the transformation to the new SAP general ledger, during the year and including historical data.


With the transformation software cbs ET Enterprise Transformer, we migrate data of any ERP system to SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA with a holistic approach. From comprehensive analysis functionalities, to flexible and consistent data selections, to consistent application of complex transformation rules. Subsequently, all master and transaction data including historical data can be validated and migrated.


With the cbs Master Data Validation (cbs MDV) software, we offer comprehensive standard software for the evaluation, monitoring and optimization of master data. cbs MDV consists of five modules that companies can use to monitor master data in a business-process-oriented manner, improve the quality of data and determine the costs of creating and maintaining quality master data.

With our software-based solutions, we help companies efficiently implement data transformation requirements in an increasingly volatile world.
Benjamin Krischer
Consulting Director

Customer Stories

ZF Friedrichshafen Gets a Clear Picture of its S/4HANA Transition

In order to test the potential of S/4HANA risk-free with real data and gather important input for roadmap planning, ZF created a realistic test environment in logistics with the help of cbs. Here, the department tested end-to-end processes with its own master and transaction data, discovered new logistics functionalities, and tested Fiori apps in realistic scenarios.

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Benjamin Krischer
Consulting Director