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Innovation Award 2023 – Cross System Order Management

The team around Solution Architect Jakob Ruf has won an Award in the category “Process Excellence” for a special solution for a sporting goods manufacturer.



The project: The cbs experts connected four different systems, SAP and non-SAP, internal and external solutions in a set of standalone, easy-to-use Fiori apps based on BTP, in order to be able to provide information at any time about the status of current orders such as sports shoes, balls, backpacks, socks and running shirts received via various marketplaces such as e.g. Amazon, Zalando and the customer online store.

The system recognizes in real time where the order is currently located in the warehouse and what the current delivery status is, and is no longer dependent on the availability of the S/4HANA system. The data is available to both internal employees and the outsourced customer service team.

What is the novelty? On the one hand, the BTP (Business Technology Platform) as a technological innovation, and on the other hand, the fact that the entire process from order entry to returns booking is now accompanied and third-party systems are also seamlessly connected, such as the warehouse system and the respective carrier.

SAP BTP is regarded as the central hub of modern system landscapes for end-to-end processes on SAP, the heart of the next-generation enterprise solution (NEXT ONE). BTP will be the brain and control center of the intelligent company of the future. It is no longer a “nice-to-have” for industrial groups, but an absolute “must-have”.

The added value: A clear plus in transparency! The company now has an overview of the entire ordering process. This facilitates monitoring and reporting. The customer service is able to immediately inform calling customers about the status of their order. The e-commerce team can report on the number and status of orders at any time. Previously, the customer only had standalone solutions, which were much slower and each only took into account partial aspects but could not cover the complete process integrated in one solution.

What is special about it? The high volume of orders (approx. 180,000 per month) represents a major challenge for the database. Huge amounts of data have to be handled. Now the complete order fulfillment process is covered by the new solution, i.e. it is not only monitored (time tracking), but also really actively controlled. This was not possible before. Now, various systems are integrated via Fiori and can be controlled from the solution.