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27.10.2020 | Webinar

Warehousing in S/4HANA: Which option is right for you?

Welcome to our 2020 cbs Coffee Break-Out Sessions!


When it was announced that traditional LE-WM was not going to be supported beyond 2025, SAP customers around the globe were, to put it lightly, annoyed. So many questions remained. What if I move to S/4HANA but don’t need EWM, can I keep what I have? Why are you pushing customers to a more expensive solution with features I don’t need?

Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone and that is why we’re here. With the looming shadow of SAP S/4HANA around the corner for most organizations, it is important to understand what options are available to keep your warehousing operations under the SAP umbrella, and more importantly, which of those is right for you.


During this session, we will cover:
  • What is changing for the future of warehousing in S/4HANA
  • What is Stock Room Management? Extended Warehouse Management?
  • Which option is right for your business?
  • Best implementation plan for rolling out a new warehouse system?


The free session is hosted by our WM/EWM Advisor Collin Grant and our Sales Manager, Victor Puente. They will share 20 mins condensed content and lead the discussion at the end of the session.

Do you have any questions about our Events? Please contact:

Victor Puente
Manager, Sales & Marketing