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RISE with SAP on Azure (Detailed Guide)

When we’re talking about the connoisseurs of the core technological ecosystems in the world, which two names come to your mind first? 

As a tech aficionado, I’ve always been fascinated with how Microsoft has changed the game in the operating system industry since its formation. 

And when referring to business technology, I don’t think anything can beat the empire SAP has created since its inception. Thus, I started anticipating many things when I heard that both were collaborating. 

And I feel like they’ve done a great job in that aspect. How? I have shared my experience and knowledge about the amalgamation they bring with their collaboration.

So, let’s get started.

RISE With SAP on Microsoft Azure – An Introduction

RISE with SAP is a unified, single, and integrated offering that can effectively help a business in engineering business transformation. It comes with some of the best offerings that SAP has released in the market since the beginning –

  • Business Technology Platform
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition
  • Business Process Intelligence
  • Network Started Pack
  • Migration Pack to Hyperscale Infrastructure 

It’ll be all good if you want to use everything in an SAP-based infrastructure. But if you wish to make your business more agile and effective, using it on Azure would be perfect!

But why wouldn’t you choose AWS, however? 

What about Google Cloud?

Microsoft Azure, while being similarly efficient as them, can make your company highly agile. It can instill an elevated level of responsiveness and flexibility, making your company a knowledgeable enterprise. Improving its productivity can be highly beneficial for you too.

What are the benefits?

The collaboration between SAP and Microsoft began almost two years ago, in 2021. And since then, they’ve continually improved their services to offer an unparalleled experience. The migration process and deployment proceeding are pretty simple as well.

However, that’s not the only reason why most people choose Azure instead of anything else. In addition, here are some other benefits that prompt people to use RISE with SAP on Azure.

1: Specifically Optimized

Unlike most other platforms, Azure has been specifically optimized to work alongside SAP. So, no matter what you upload or deploy here, it won’t get affected.

Furthermore, the cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure is quite flexible too. It provides a 192 GB or 12 TB virtual server or machine to run RISE with SAP.

This, in turn, makes it an extremely scalable platform to use. And you can keep whatever data you want within the system without any issue.

2: Data Insights

We are talking about two of the largest tech giants in the world here. So, it’s pretty expected that these two can offer the utmost excellence regarding data insights.

For instance, if you’re deploying a predictive analysis model on Azure, it will quicken the time required for it through automation. A week’s work can be done in a day this way.

On the other hand, SAP’s in-depth data analytics tools can evaluate the data eminently to ensure you get the correct information. Pretty ideal for a budding business, no?

3: Excellent security and compliance.

The security system of Microsoft Azure is excellent. It’s powerful, robust, as well as efficient. The two-way authentication feature of it is an example of how good it can be.

On the other hand, RISE, with SAP’s security system, has been top-notch since the beginning. It can take care of your sensitive data, save it constructively, and create a backup.

However, even if you lose something due to a data breach or something as such, you’ll get it all back shortly. Also, the security systems of both follow government compliance closely.

So, you won’t get into any legal trouble anytime soon, either.

4: Efficient Addons.

With RISE with SAP, you are already getting a bunch of software that can be used for the best of your organization. They are easy to use, integrate, and deploy – even for beginners.

But, when using Azure, you’ll have the chance to use even more add-ons for the system you’re working on. As these are optimized for SAP, you won’t have any issues with integration.

However, before you add something to your system or infrastructure, talk to your team and check if it’s viable. Otherwise, it might make the entire program too heavy.

5: Cost effective.

Microsoft Azure is more suitable for using RISE with SAP than any other platform. It, in turn, makes it easier for you to use or integrate anything without using too many resources.

Furthermore, RISE with SAP is also quite affordable on its own. And as you don’t have to pay for more than what you are using – that can save much of your money too.

Before you use RISE with SAP on Azure, keep an eye on what you’re working on. Does it need integration with Azure? 

Or, can you handle it effectively with only the existing SAP environment? The clearer you are in this aspect, the better it will be for your resources and revenue.


Since the pandemic struck us, the entire scenario of how a business should work has changed.

Businesses must be much more agile, competent, and consumer-centric to succeed. But if you are not using the right tool or platform, it will be impossible to gain such a status.

That’s why, if you think you can make your RISE with the SAP platform even more efficient, it’ll be best to use it on Azure. However, if you don’t know much about it, don’t hesitate to talk to an expert like CBS Consulting. They can help you out quite a lot with it.