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Streamlining Quality Assurance in Manufacturing with cbs Lean MES Implementation on SAP BTP

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, ensuring quality assurance is paramount to delivering reliable products to customers. To address this critical need, cbs has implemented a suite of integrated applications for Lean Manufacturing Execution System (MES) a SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). cbs has expertly crafted these applications to empower manufacturers to enhance their quality assurance processes. In this article, we’ll delve into each of these applications and explore how they work together to revolutionize quality assurance in manufacturing. 

1. Serial Number Recording Application

At the outset of production, the Serial Number Recording application plays a pivotal role. Manufacturing companies like those producing excavators often deal with many parts and components. This app, developed by cbs, simplifies the recording process. Through barcode scanning, it intelligently identifies each piece and links it to the appropriate excavator type in the SAP system. This ensures meticulous documentation of the configuration and installed components. Workers on the production line use this app to streamline the recording process, saving time and minimizing errors. 

2. Checklist Application for Quality Assurance

The next step in the quality assurance journey is the Checklist application. Tailored to the product type, this app guides operators through quality checks and inspection tasks. These tasks are derived directly from SAP inspection lots. Workers are presented with relevant inspection characteristics based on their workstation, streamlining the process. Whether evaluating quantitative or qualitative aspects, workers can efficiently assess the product. A quality notification can be generated on the spot in case of discrepancies. This application is primarily used by Quality Assurance personnel who play a critical role in ensuring products meet predefined quality standards.

3. Notification Creation Application

Quality issues must be reported promptly, and the Notification Creation app simplifies this task. It extracts essential information from the production order stored in SAP. Operators can provide detailed descriptions of quality issues, including error codes, and even attach photos for clarity. This app is versatile, allowing the initiation of Andon tasks for immediate production line stoppages, ensuring rapid response to critical issues. It’s a valuable tool for the Quality Assurance department to document and address quality concerns.

4. Defects Management Application

The Defects Management application provides a bird’s-eye view of all quality-related messages tied to production orders. It empowers the Chief of Production with a comprehensive overview, enabling them to prioritize and allocate resources efficiently. Messages can be edited as needed, and the app tracks the planned time for error resolution. During confirmation, workers reevaluate inspection characteristics, ensuring accurate reporting and resolution. This application is indispensable for senior production personnel to gain insights into the production landscape.

5. Rework Management Application

For the Chief of Production, the Rework Management app serves as a strategic tool. It offers insights into rework requirements for different orders, including prioritization and part availability. This app simplifies planning by allowing drag-and-drop allocation of rework tasks to workstations based on predefined shift sequences. This dynamic scheduling ensures optimal utilization of available resources, making it a valuable asset for production management.

6. Rework Overview Application

Lastly, the Rework Overview app empowers blue-collar workers responsible for executing rework tasks. It provides a user-friendly interface that displays scheduled rework tasks for their workstation. Workers receive essential information about the rework operation, including defect descriptions and materials involved. This application streamlines the execution of rework tasks, ensuring that issues identified earlier are resolved efficiently and in line with production schedules.


In conclusion, cbs Lean MES applications on SAP BTP’s represent a groundbreaking approach to quality assurance in manufacturing. These integrated tools, developed by cbs, address each production and quality control stage, from serial number recording to rework execution. These applications help manufacturers enhance product quality, reduce errors, and optimize production processes by seamlessly connecting workers, quality control personnel, and production management. In an industry where precision and efficiency are paramount, cbs’ Lean MES applications on SAP BTP are a game-changer.

Bastian Schiele