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Global SAP

Efficient SAP Rollouts around the globe

Globally Standardized Processes and Structures

In today’s globalized world, enterprise-wide structuring and standardization is a must for any company. It’s virtually impossible to map business requirements and new business models if system boundaries stand in the way or processes are not consistently standardized. The ultimate aim for all global industrial players is to become ONE Digital Enterprise; a completely harmonized digital enterprise with end-to-end business processes.

The best way of implementing international corporate standards is through a global SAP rollout program. Global template solutions are key to efficient global business operations over the long term – and accommodate different interests, mindsets, countries, cultures and languages.

cbs helps you develop an optimal rollout strategy for your global business. Using our special M-cbs methodology, we keep rollouts cost-effective down and make sure everything runs smoothly.
Stefan Risse
Consulting Director

Unique Country-Specific Expertise for BRIC, LATAM, USA, APAC

Since its inception, cbs has been involved in more than 2,000 international SAP projects. Every year, international projects make up around 70 percent of our total revenue. Almost all of our experienced consultants (senior consultants, project and program managers, and management consultants) offer international project expertise. Three quarters of our consultants work internationally. We are currently supporting projects in 80 countries on every continent.

As proven experts for the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), we have successfully implemented a great many projects in Brazil in particular. No other consulting firm can rival our experience in this region. We also have specialist expertise in other Latin American (LATAM) countries, including Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, as well as in the United States, and South Africa. We support the Asia-Pacific region through our Singapore subsidiary hub.

Success Stories

Roche Diagnostics Starts SAP Rollout in the Americas

Not long ago, Roche was facing a challenge: It needed to harmonize the SAP processes at all of its Diagnostics sales locations in South, Central, and North America in order to make them comparable. Furthermore, Roche wanted to migrate all of the sales subsidiaries involved from the Pharma division’s SAP system and a legacy diagnostics system into the new SAP ERP installation.

Brüggen Implements SAP Rollout in Chile

H. & J. Brüggen KG is a family-run company in the food industry, specializing in the manufacture of cereal products. Most of its revenue is generated by production for private labels.

Kemira Integrates AkzoNobel Division into the SAP World

The Finnish group Kemira is pursuing the goal of implementing strategic growth plans at global level to affirm its presence in selected markets around the world.

WAGNER Group Completes Template Rollout in China

Successful mechanical and plant engineering company J. Wagner GmbH has always been globally oriented, is successfully represented on all continents, and continues to grow. But because of acquisitions in recent years, the company’s IT landscape had grown inorganically, with heterogeneous business processes in different countries.

Diehl Aerospace Establishes Support Center in Singapore

Diehl Aerospace GmbH is a successful German company in the aviation industry with many locations around the world. Its shareholders include the Diehl Group, with its subgroup Diehl Aerosystems, and the French Thales Group. Support for customers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is provided from Singapore. For a long time, Airbus subsidiary SATAIR handled this support.

E-Invoice World Cloud: One-stop end-to-end outsourcing

cbs has successfully supported more than 100 industrial companies with global SAP rollouts. The resulting experience, established best practices, and customer requirements have all gone into creating the cbs E-Invoice World Cloud, an SAP-based cloud solution for legally compliant processing of electronic public authority communications.