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SAP Basis Premium Services

Interdisciplinary expertise for your SAP system landscape

Comprehensive, Solution-Oriented SAP Basis Consulting

As SAP system landscapes become increasingly complex, performance and availability requirements continue to grow. As a global service provider, we offer comprehensive SAP Basis services across the entire SAP product and platform portfolio (DB/OS).

Our interdisciplinary SAP Basis experts assist you in all aspects of software provision, operations, and support. We can also act in a firefighting role to help you handle acute problems. A smooth and efficient project process takes the strain off your IT department and enables you to devote more time to your core business.

Our Services

SAP Security – Comprehensive Application Protection for Your SAP System Landscape

Current security threats, eavesdropping scandals, and international economic espionage: The provision of services and data for internal and external consumers puts your SAP system landscape to the test. In our cbs SAP Security Audit, we assess your current security level and define appropriate measures to reach the level that is required. With SIEM for S/4HANA, we deliver an RTR (ready-to-run) monitoring implementation as well as audit solutions for proactive and audit-proof monitoring of your SAP S/4HANA system components, which can be integrated with your IT processes as an on-premise solution or managed security service.

Optimizing your SAP platform increases performance while reducing costs. cbs has a bundle of services to support you in this.


SAP Platform Optimization – Higher Performance at Lower Cost

Optimizing your SAP platform has huge potential to increase performance while reducing costs. We provide a bundle of services to help you optimize your SAP platform. Bundled analytic and implementation solutions from cbs enable you to get started in a targeted manner and achieve immediate results.

The optimization that can be achieved in the context of a current or future SAP S/4HANA conversion, in particular, will help ensure stable and safe operation of your SAP system and process landscape over the long term.