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cbs E-Invoice World Cloud hits the 3 million mark

Outsourcing package for data exchange with the tax authorities is setting quality standards

Heidelberg, November 16, 2020 – The worldwide legal and fiscal requirements in the field of business-to-government (B2G) are extremely rigorous, which is why, three years ago, cbs launched the E-Invoice World Cloud to handle the complex exchange of data with the tax authorities for industrial companies. The special, comprehensive solution is now celebrating its fifth birthday and is in use at a growing number of high-profile customers; more than 200 legal entities at more than 80 international companies at the latest count. In only a few days, the cloud solution will process its three millionth invoice. And this number continues to grow. Today, cbs handles almost 130,000 messages every month. “Our product has a unique selling point: it is mature, stable, reliable, and fully established in the market. The customers value the overall E-Invoicing solution concept,” explains Oliver Villwock, Consulting Director at cbs. What’s more, the cbs package is S/4HANA-ready, providing peace of mind for many customers who plan to migrate to the new SAP world in the medium and long term.

Regulatory requirements are changing all the time

The E-Invoice World Cloud covers 15 different countries. The solution is now being used by companies from the most varied sectors in Central and South America (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia), India, and in Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Hungary, Turkey). It will soon also be available for Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Europe in particular is facing an increasing raft of legal requirements associated with EU regulations – the cbs Cloud has the solutions to deal with these. An observable trend is that these legal requirements are starting to have a profound effect on customer processes. It is no longer purely a matter of EDI or middleware. As a result, many customers are turning away from existing on-premise solutions or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) vendors and migrating to fully integrated solutions with accompanying operational and project support.

Besides classic e-invoicing, the international legal and taxation requirements of B2G (Business to Government) scenarios have, for some time now, also included the areas of e-delivery, e-payment, and e-reporting. In addition, regulatory requirements are changing all the time, which sometimes calls for extensive adjustments to company system and process landscapes. cbs therefore expends considerable effort in constantly adapting the local solutions to current requirements. E-Invoicing expert Villwock has the final word: “In the face of adversity, 2020 was nevertheless a successful year. We approach the next challenges with confidence and look forward to new customers.”