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Parador completes challenging carve-out in less than six months

Landscape transformation

Parador GmbH is a specialist in high-quality parquet, laminate, and vinyl flooring. Based in Coesfeld near Münster, Germany, the company was sold by the Hüls Group to NORD Holding. Until then, Parador had been a separate company code within the Hüls Group’s complex SAP system landscape, so a carve-out was necessary. The aim of the project was to provide employees with a 1:1 copy of the previous SAP systems so that they could continue working without interruption. Throughout the carve-out, Parador was supported by cbs Corporate Business Solutions, a specialist in System Landscape Transformation (SLT). cbs leveraged its tried-and-tested standard cbs Enterprise Transformer tool to remove all Parador-related business objects from the Hüls Group’s SAP systems with surgical precision. The tight schedule of just under six months and the defined budget were both adhered to.

Parador products feature prominently in almost any DIY and wood specialty store. Anyone looking for laminate, parquet, and elastic floor coverings will have no difficulty finding the premium brand. As a specialist in high-quality parquet, laminate, and vinyl flooring as well as products for wall and ceiling design, the brand manufacturer sells around 900 products worldwide.

To enable Parador to operate independently on the market following its sale to NORD Holding, the company had to be separated from the Hüls Group in all areas – from telephony to IT right through to business processes. This also applied to the SAP systems since Parador was a separate company code in the Hüls Group’s SAP system, with its own processes and many interfaces to partners, dealers, forwarders, and others. The carve-out from the SAP system was one of the most important sub-projects following the sale of the company.

The project was extremely challenging. For one thing, Parador had been integrated into a complex SAP system landscape that had developed at the Hüls Group over many years and included many customer-specific tables and reports (Z-tables/Z-reports). What’s more, the target schedule and budget specified by the former owner were also very ambitious for system landscape optimization on this scale, with the project having to be completed in less than six months.