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cbs E-lnvoice World Cloud

Enabling end-to-end processes from SAP ERP or S/4 through to governmental authorities

If you are looking to outsource your
E-Invoicing, we have an all-in-one carefree
package for you. Trust in our expertise!

ONE Solution

The E-lnvoice world cloud is our comprehensive solution to cover all 4 key areas of the electronic compliance requirements for global companies. ONE single solution with ONE interface and full SAP integration to seamless integrate legal requirements into your process landscape.

cbs E-lnvoice world cloud is the next step in digital process evolution and fills the gap between “classic” cbs Managed Cloud Solution and current process implications.

Reduce Complexity

Using the Managed Cloud Solution from cbs, highly reduces Complexity in your SAP System and External Interfaces

Externalize Unplanned & Repetitive Tasks

No longer bother your Central IT Specialists with Local Country Specific Tasks. Reach a new Automation Level for your Business

Fast ROI / Lower TCO

cbs Cloud Content is Distributed across all the Global Customers and thus reduce the overall Costs per Customer

Automatic Legal Change Monitoring

Lean back and let the cbs Legal Change Board do the Work. cbs tracks, evaluates and implements Legal Changes automatically

E-lnvoicing by cbs enables you to be globally compliant and up-to-date with lowest organisational effort.
So you can focus on your core business.

The challenge of complex regulations

The worldwide legal and fiscal requirements in business-to-government scenarios (for example, e-invoicing, e-governance, e-reporting, e-delivery, and e-tracking) are extremely rigorous, ranging from mandatory electronic invoicing, comprehensive and correct reporting through to processing and presentation of various special taxes. The regulatory requirements are also subject to constant changes, sometimes involving significant adjustments to the system and process landscape. All of this makes implementing, using, and maintaining global SAP solutions a costly and complex challenge. Companies looking to avoid the considerable technical and organisational effort involved can outsource the entire process of exchanging documents with the authorities.

E-invoicing — a digital paradoxon

E-invoicing is dead, long live e-Compliance. Today E-invoicing represents more than just electronic invoices. It covers a lot of interactions between partners, and more and more the interaction with the government to get transparency about business transactions. This ranges from invoices to deliveries, from reportings to payment flows and is required in real-time or based upon a fixed schedule.

Evolution to e-Compliance

E-invoicing is not just cbs Managed Cloud Solution, it has strong impacts and dependencies on business processes and master data. E-invoicing is more and more becoming e-Compliance with massive integration and insights for local governments.

Legal Considerations in cbs Managed Cloud Solution

cbs Managed Cloud Solution involves the exchange of sensitive business information, necessitating a robust framework for data security and privacy. Organizations need to adhere to various data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, or industry-specific compliance standards to safeguard customer and partner data.
Establishing clear contractual agreements between trading partners and managed service providers is critical. These agreements should define roles and responsibilities, service level agreements (SLAs), and outline the terms for data ownership, usage, and retention, ensuring a transparent and legally sound partnership.
Various industries are subject to specific regulatory requirements governing data exchange. cbs Managed Cloud Solution services must align with these regulations to avoid legal repercussions. Staying informed about changes in compliance standards and adapting systems accordingly is vital.
The exchange of electronic documents may involve intellectual property considerations. Businesses must address issues related to copyrights, trademarks, and patents to prevent disputes over ownership and usage of proprietary information.

Challenges in cbs Managed Cloud Solution

Integrating cbs Managed Cloud Solution into existing business systems can be a complex process. Managing diverse data formats, communication protocols, and ensuring seamless connectivity between trading partners poses a significant challenge.
Different trading partners may use varied data formats and standards. Efficient data mapping and translation are crucial to ensuring that information is accurately interpreted and processed, reducing the risk of errors and miscommunication.
As businesses grow, the scalability of the cbs Managed Cloud Solution infrastructure becomes crucial. cbs Managed Cloud Solution services should be flexible enough to accommodate changes in trading partner networks, transaction volumes, and evolving business requirements.
Timely identification and resolution of issues are paramount in cbs Managed Cloud Solution operations. Managed service providers must have robust monitoring systems and proactive support mechanisms in place to address potential disruptions promptly.

There is no digitalization without a resilient and secure integration management.

In conclusion, as businesses increasingly rely on Managed cbs Managed Cloud Solution for streamlined operations, navigating the legal landscape and addressing inherent challenges are pivotal for a successful implementation. By staying abreast of legal requirements, fostering transparent partnerships, and proactively tackling operational hurdles, organizations can harness the full potential of Managed cbs Managed Cloud Solution to drive efficiency and collaboration in their supply chain processes.

Architecture – cbs Managed Cloud Solution

Covered industries

With our expertise in a variety of branches we know the formats, interfaces and restrictions of all relevant players in the market:

It’s important to note that the cbs Managed Cloud Solution landscape is dynamic, and new providers may emerge while existing ones may evolve or merge. When considering cbs Managed Cloud Solution solutions, businesses should assess their specific industry requirements, the scalability of the solutions, and the provider’s ability to meet compliance standards.

Covered countries

Global insights for international E-Invoicing

Worldwide e-invoicing solutions for 30+ countries many more on future schedule 


  • Clearance model is already standard Ongoing, or planned implementations in Bolivia and Colombia
  • Potential future developments: digitizing B2C/POS, inventory tracking


  • Rising adoption
  • Ongoing implementations in Vietnam, India, Thailand & Taiwan


B2G invoice mandate Driven by EU Directive 2014/55/EU Mostly ‘post-audit’ scenarios, but getting more ‘real-time’ Parallel streams of national standards and EU unified approach PEPPOL Ongoing implementations in Greece, Germany, Portugal, France, Nordics

Compliance Advisory

Aligning internal resources and knowledge with legal requirements

Did you know that:

9 out of 10 organizations are forced to react quickly to legal changes,
due to missing transparency and information

… 3 of them won’t make it in time

Internal resources and knowledge are bound to organizational changes and projects

… and legal requirements and deadlines don’t care for internal schedules or change & release cycles

Most companies suffer from massive efforts or global governance breaches due to missing knowledge of differences between local and legal requirements

… ending up with highly customized solutions that are barely legal but offering high comforts for the local organization

That’s why cbs is offering proactive legal advisory services to:

Immediately inform about upcoming legal changes and requirements derive the essence of legal requirements to match the organizations language and adopt the processes involved coordinate and harmonize legal changes with rollout projects and changes provide mediation and guidance to fulfill and harmonize global governance and local organizations’ requirements within the legal boundaries and possibilities

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Covered Countries


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cbs E-Invoice World Cloud

A comprehensive solution to cover all scenarios for e-invoicing

E-Invoicing by cbs is addressing key challenges from frequency or criticality of legal changes, complexity or supportability of legal requirements through to cost and resources for impact on system and process landscapes. The comprehensive solution ensures the end-to-end data flow for goods or services between suppliers, buyers and governmental authorities. Monitoring and analyzing legal changes and a reliable platform allow to run compliant scenarios and legally required e-Invoicing / e-Reporting – always up-to-date with lowest organizational effort.

cbs E-Invoice World Cloud

Enabling end-to-end processes from SAP ERP or S/4 through to governmental authorities