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04.06.2021 | Webinar

Restructuring of Organisation with cbs Carve-Out

Executing SAP carve-out smoothly and effectively is critical in the success of a Merger or Acquisition. Merger and Acquisition are driven by the business, with little IT involvement until it is time to deliver; if you have worked in SAP projects before, you know why this may be an issue. 

This 30-minute on-demand webinar on Restructuring of Organisation with cbs Carve-Out intends to discuss and share with our audience what is an SAP Carve-Out, the options for possible carve out’s scenario, and sharing of a success story on Pacific Drilling. 

Date and Time:
Time Stamp | Title

1:06 What is considered an “SAP carve-out”?

2:43 What makes a carve-out / M&A project special

4:26 Questions determining the IT Project approach

5:55 SAP carve-out business options

7:29 SAP carve-out technical options

10:50 cbs Pre-packaged solutions

13:18 Key Take-Aways

15:36 Customer success: Pacific Drilling


This on-demand webinar will help you determine the best approach for your carve-out project and help better prepare you for future merger or acquisition. Watch now!