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Navigating Inventory Excellence: Unveiling cbs Innovation Solutions

Inventory management is the process of overseeing and controlling the movement of goods within a company’s supply chain. This involves keeping track of the products a company has in stock, their quantities, and where they are located.

A typical inventory management process includes various tasks such as tracking inventory levels regularly to ensure accuracy, deciding when to reorder products to avoid running out of stock while minimising excess inventory costs, forecasting future demand based on historical data and market trends, categorising items by importance, collaborating with suppliers to ensure timely deliveries, maintaining accurate records to minimise errors, holding safety stock to prepare for unexpected changes in demand, and generating reports to analyse inventory turnover and performance indicators for informed decision-making.

Possible Challenges in Inventory Management

Challenges frequently surface in effective inventory management, encompassing a range of intricacies. Striking a balance between stock availability and overstocking becomes intricate, especially amidst variable customer demand. Relying on dependable suppliers becomes paramount for timely product deliveries. Attending to obsolete inventory and curbing theft or damage-related inventory shrinkage warrants attention. Skillfully managing lead times for product arrivals entails meticulous planning. Additionally, maximising storage space efficiency and seamlessly integrating technology systems for precise record-keeping can present hurdles.

Achieving effective inventory management demands surmounting these challenges, all while fine-tuning inventory levels to bolster business operations and uphold customer satisfaction.

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Inventory Solution

cbs developed two important solutions namely Inventory management which helps address the challenges of maintaining optimal stock levels and efficient supply chain operations.

The second solution would be an innovative Inventory Counter technological tool to automate and streamline the process of physically counting and verifying inventory on hand.

About Inventory Management

cbs’ inventory management system serves as a powerful solution for businesses seeking comprehensive control and streamlined processing of their inventory. This system encompasses a range of functionalities that ensure efficient management of inventory-related tasks, making it an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes and industries.


One of the key strengths of cbs’ inventory management system lies in its ability to provide centralised control over the entire inventory process. This includes overseeing crucial steps such as user administration, task assignment, discrepancy correction, and inventory closure. By offering a centralised platform, businesses can optimise their inventory management operations by minimising the need for fragmented systems or manual interventions.


The system’s features play a pivotal role in meeting the operational needs of businesses:

  1. Control and Initiation of Inventory Types: cbs inventory management system empowers users to handle different types of inventory processes efficiently. Whether it’s regular inventory counts, periodic audits, or specific stock checks, the system accommodates various inventory procedures, ensuring a tailored approach to each business’s requirements.
  2. User and Status Management: User administration is a critical aspect of inventory management, and cbs system simplifies it. Businesses can manage user access, assign roles, and ensure that the right individuals are handling specific tasks. This helps maintain accountability and ensures that only authorised personnel are involved in inventory-related activities. Additionally, the system provides real-time status updates for all inventory documents, offering a clear view of ongoing operations such as open counts, completed counts, and more.
  3. Real-Time Status Overview: One of the system’s strengths is its capability to provide real-time status overviews of all inventory documents. This means that businesses can monitor the progress of inventory-related tasks at any given moment. Whether it’s tracking ongoing counts, reviewing completed counts, or identifying discrepancies, the real-time overview enhances visibility and enables timely decision-making.
  4. Consolidation and Cumulation: For businesses that manage storage locations with significant inventory volume, the system facilitates the consolidation and cumulation of counted quantities. This is particularly valuable for materials managed in accordance with MM (Materials Management) practices. By consolidating counts and quantities, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding of their stock levels, contributing to more accurate inventory management decisions.


By offering dynamic control, real-time tracking, and insightful consolidation, cbs’ system empowers businesses with efficient inventory management, enhancing accuracy and operational prowess.

About cbs innovative Inventory Counter solution

cbs inventory counter solution transforms the way material counting is conducted, introducing simplicity, efficiency, and accuracy. Unlike traditional methods, which often involve manual counting and data entry, this innovative solution revolutionises the inventory counting process with its user-friendly application design and advanced capabilities.


Enhanced Counting Process: The application’s simple operation and clear design significantly ease the process of material counting. Unlike cumbersome manual methods, which require manual tallying and recording, this solution enables users to count materials seamlessly using digital devices. This intuitive approach not only reduces the complexity of the counting process but also minimises the chances of errors that can arise from manual data entry.


Speed and Accuracy: By utilising the power of technology, the inventory counting process becomes faster and less prone to errors. cbs’ solution, on the other hand, optimises the inventory process, ensuring that counts are completed swiftly and with greater accuracy.


Mobile Optimisation: An outstanding feature of cbs’ solution is its optimisation for various mobile devices. This versatility means that the application runs seamlessly on a wide range of devices, from smartphones to dedicated mobile data entry (MDE) devices. This adaptability provides users with the flexibility to choose the device that best suits their operational needs, contributing to a user-friendly experience across different platforms.


Direct Scanning and Posting: A distinct advantage of this solution is its ability to directly scan and post material, serial, and batch numbers within the application. Users can simply scan barcodes using device features like scanners on MDE devices or cameras on smartphones.


Key Features:

  1. Scanner-Supported Inventory Execution: cbs’ solution leverages scanners for efficient inventory execution, supporting both Materials Management (MM) and Warehouse Management (WM) based on SAP standard transactions.
  2. Automated Recognition: The system’s intelligent recognition automatically categorises inventory as MM or WM based on the storage location, enhancing precision and eliminating guesswork.
  3. Responsive Design: The solution’s responsive design ensures seamless performance on any mobile device, providing a consistent experience regardless of the chosen platform.
  4. Barcode Scanning: The application harnesses device features like scanners and cameras to simplify the inventory process. Barcodes can be scanned directly, reducing the need for manual data entry.


In comparison to traditional methods that rely on manual counting and data entry, cbs’ inventory counter solution marks a significant leap forward. By offering enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and user-friendliness, this solution empowers businesses to streamline their inventory management processes, reduce errors, and make informed decisions based on accurate real-time data.

In summary

The synergy of Inventory Management and Inventory Counter solutions transforms inventory operations. Inventory Management ensures precise control, demand forecasting, and efficient processes. It prevents stockouts and optimises inventory levels, enhancing customer satisfaction. Integrated with this, the Inventory Counter solution digitises material counting, accelerating data entry and reducing errors. Its mobile optimisation and direct scanning capabilities elevate accuracy. Together, they create a powerful partnership that streamlines inventory control, increases productivity, and empowers organisations with real-time insights for strategic decision-making and operational excellence.