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Optimising Your Inventory Management with Proven SAP Fiori Application Uses Cases

Most industries such as retail, discrete manufacturing, logistic, F&B and even healthcare must deal with physical products and materials. Common problems such as over/ understocking, inaccurate data and poor forecasting causes problem, especially for operation personnel, finance and even management team.  


With cbs Fiori implementation project of three prominent apps, it helps design your inventory management processes much more seamlessly for users.  

Post Goods Receipts (Purchase Order & Inbound Delivery) 

Generally, this app helps record the receipt of goods from a supplier. When goods are delivered to a receiving location, such as a warehouse or production facility, the receiving personnel will verify that the goods received match the details specified in the purchase order and the inbound delivery. 

This app is able to post goods receipts based on, 

1. Purchase Orders (Transaction MIGO) 

Good receipts posting for per order/ order item is possible on this app. It also includes data on specification of palletising for WM posting too.  

2. Inbound deliveries (Transaction VL31n) 

For inbound delivery, Goods receipts posting per inbound delivery/ delivery item. There is a QM integration for posting to Q-stock and SU integration for Inbound delivery processes.

Stock Information 

Accurate stock information in a warehouse is critical for inventory management, cost management, customer service, and planning and forecasting. It helps businesses to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.  

The Stock Information Application is able to display enhanced stock information for materials in plant / storage location. Stock overview MM based on transaction MMBE/MB52

  1. Can jump to WM detail data 
  2. Display stock details down to storage bin level 

Stock Transfer MM/ Inventory Transfer WM  

When stock is transferred inside of a warehouse or to production, it is important to track the transfer to ensure that inventory records are accurate. By knowing what has been transferred, warehouse managers can update their inventory records to reflect the new stock levels. 

This helps in maintaining inventory accuracy and avoiding stockouts or overstocking. Apart from inventory accuracy, optimising shipping and logistics processes, and complying with regulations is important as part of the process. 

The application that tracks stock transferred out is able to, 

  1. Produce a balance sheet transfer from MM of all types (MIGO) 
  2. Able to transfer posting of special stocks 
  3. Able to sort based on stock categories
  4. Relocation of different stock types within the warehouse 
  5. Verification of withdrawal and shipment 
  6. Display of multiple quant stock transfers per storage bin 

All Three cbs Inventory Management Applications Works with An ERP System Without the Need for Complex Implementation Processes 

There is a common consensus that a complex implementation project can lead to too many uncertainty and resources constraints, but with cbs Inventory Management SAP Fiori Applications, it doesn’t have to be the case. 


In cbs, these are common use cases for us where we have already implemented with our existing customers and have seen actual results and benefits from our customers. To list a few, 

  1. Workers on the ground managing inventory now have a App that they can work directly with, without the need for another resources and effort to post on SAP system. 
  2. Additionally, to the above point, there is no need for clumsy and expensive paper work, lowering risk of error.
  3. All posting done on the Apps are done in real time, therefore stock information is always up to date. This will maximise the storage capacity in the warehouse, lowering required cost and expenses.
  4. cbs Fiori Apps does not require any native device to be implemented, which means it can run on any existing modern devices you are currently using (e.g. mobile phone and scanner devices).
  5. Most workers will not be requiring to be SAP trained as a SAP backend user. 


With the above benefits, our customers in cbs notice fast return of investment (ROI) with its improved system performance and simplified management and control which helps ensure scalability. By optimising storage utilisation, organisations can be more efficient, productive, and agile in responding to changing business needs. 


If you would like to learn more about our cbs Inventory Management Applications, speak with us today and our consultant can do a short demonstration to show how you can ensure efficient use of resources, reduces costs, and improves overall system performance for your inventory management processes.