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System Landscape Transformation – Carve Out: Edenor Technology

Edenor Technology Group manufactures and sells Oleochemicals and derivatives using Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil as feedstock  

Edenor Technology Group is a joint venture between Mega First Corporation (“MFCB”) and 9M Technologies Sdn Bhd (“9M”). MFCB is a listed Company on Bursa Malaysia, and 9M is a group of oleochemicals experts and technologists.  

In 2021, Sime Darby Plantation Bhd and PTTGC International Pt Ltd sold their collective 100% stake for RM38 million to Edenor Technology Sdn Bhd. To do so, Sime Darby Plantation Bhd and PTTGC International Pt Ltd are exiting their joint venture in the Asia-Pacific business of Emery Oleochemicals (M) Sdn Bhd (EOM) and Emery Specialty Chemicals Sdn Bhd (ESC).  


Proposed solutions by cbs   

cbs is committed to ensuring end-to-end services for this carve-out project. During the implementation, the additional scope was added in at the later part of the projects. Fortunately, cbs uses our data transformation software, cbs ET Enterprise Transformer, which allows cbs to accommodate any additional requirement easily without jeopardising the project timeline to be extended. 


Key results and benefits

  • Reduce the effort for data import & export between systems by about 25%, in terms of man-hours.  
  • The actual downtime period was only for a day compared to a potentially two-days downtime without software such as cbs ET Enterprise Transformer.  
  • The original project timeline was brought forward one month ahead of timeline.  
  • The lean resource approach meant that it was not necessary for any additional resources and costs for this entire project implementation.