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SAP Analytics Cloud BTP (Detailed Guide)

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SAC, or SAP Analytics Cloud, is an SAP-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) tool provided by SAP SE. It’s about giving an organisation business intelligence, extensive analytics, and planning capabilities. In short, SAC is the evaluative or analytics layer of SAP BTP. 

How does it work, though?  

What can you use it for?  

Does it offer any benefit for your company? 

We are going to answer all of these questions in this article elaborately. Also, there’ll be some additional information here for your understanding. 

Keep reading to find out more about it. 


SAP Analytics Cloud – What Does It Offer? 

Since SAP formerly didn’t have any cloud platform, it has been pushing SAP Analytics Cloud eminently to pursue its strategy. Hence, unlike almost any other cloud service, it has excellent functionality and many features. 

And with the added BI (business intelligence) function in the system, you can amalgamate new data, visualise it in real-time, and curate reports. Additionally, with the help of SAC, planning, analysis, and forecasting can be carried out using only one application. 

Also, as a part of the IE (intelligent enterprise strategy), SAP is embedding SAC within the cloud suite. It should increase your work speed and make your tasks more functional. 

Like any other SAP product, SAC, too, uses state-of-the-art tools of SAP BTP and, thus, allows the best possible compatibility with – 

  • Proper data source 
  • Availability of resources, and 
  • Offering maximum data security 

Due to this reason, an organisation doesn’t require any additional database, server, complicated installation, and updatable procedures. Connecting and linking their on-premise or cloud-based data sources will also be much easier for them. 

A digital assistant can use predictive analytics to make the proper connection. It will also help you visualise analysis results and gain insights much more quickly.  

While planning something, you can use technologies like machine learning and AI to create an ideal prognosticative forecasting model. It, in turn, will allow you to predict an upcoming event in real-time and ensure that you’re planning adequately against it. 


The Features of SAP Analytics Cloud 

SAC has come a long way and gained many crucial features as a comprehensive cloud product during its journey. Here’s what you need to know about them. 


Feature – 1: Analytics Applications 

When it comes to data planning and analysis, it can be done by using the Analytic Applications feature. With it, you can configure the behaviour of a UI element and specify the action that can and should take place during an event. It can use a specific script of APIs too. 


Feature – 2: Stories 

A story, in essence, is a presentation-style document or media that utilises visualisations, charts, and images to describe data. It, in turn, can help you ensure that your corporation handles or manages a project with proper clarity and information. 


Feature – 3: Planning 

Like any other cloud-based tool, SAC has more than one planning app to create something collaboratively. It can be used both for planning and managing a project. The planning of the same will involve different typing values into the table cells of a planning model. 


Feature – 4: Models 

A model in a SAC environment is a representation of a large amount of business data found in the source system. It defines dimensions and measures that are used to build visualisations and calculations in stories. This feature is most befitting for governed-data use cases. 


Feature – 5: Smart Capabilities  

The tools included in Smart Capabilities usually focus on improving your business decisions and the analysis from the get-go. It can help you discover whatever loophole is plaguing the organisation and its valuable projects. 


Feature – 6: Datasets 

A dataset, in general, is a small and simple collection of data, which is generally presented and kept in a table. You can use the dataset as the base of your organisational ‘story’ as well as the data source of Smart Predict. They are quite suitable for ad-hoc analysis too. 


Feature – 7: SAP Digital Boardroom 

SAP Digital Boardroom is a real-time, interactive presentation tool that can take content from your stories and turn it into an agenda. Due to the dynamic design of the tool, it can easily be done by using a single step or two.  


Feature – 8: Mobile Application 

There is also a SAC app available to be used for your smartphone. With it, you can access all of your analytics anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is download the application on the phone and connect it to your account. Then, you can access everything with a single click. 


Why Should You Choose SAP Analytics Cloud? 

With SAP Analytics Cloud by your side, you can bring planning and analytics together in your organisational culture and integrate them accordingly.  

Here are some other ways it can be beneficial for you – 


1: Drive Agile Decisions 

With SAC, you can move from insight to action within a single user experience. This way, it’ll be much easier for you to make an agile decision and improve your organisation accordingly. 

Furthermore, you can also use it to simulate any business scenario possible and automatically make a plan accordingly. It can improve your business’ agility and efficiency. 


2: Create Bleeding-edge Analytics 

The data-driven insights of SAP Analytics will be created by using the machine learning ability of the system. It, in turn, can reduce the risk of making a mistake to some extent. 

Also, you can use it to compose a specialised analytical application to address all of the unique business requirements quickly. An enlisting of the same can be created as well. 


3: Derive Unique Insights 

SAC can also help you efficiently utilise the entire concept and context of SAP data. You’ll be able to bring the analytics closer to your point of decision as well. 

Furthermore, you can also use it to accelerate your deployments with pre-packaged practices. It can be done in almost any industry or for any functionality available. 


4: Easy to Use 

The core application access of SAC is pretty easy to use and operate. The interface is simple enough to be used or accessed by a beginner. Furthermore, the tool is visually clean and decent to look at too. So, you won’t feel bored even when you are using it for hours. 

Apart from this, the SAP Analytics Cloud can be accessed almost everywhere. There’s an app available that can be used from your mobile as well.  

Thus, as long as you have a working internet connection, the tool can be accessed entirely. Oh, and if you want, you can integrate the program with another software and accelerate your organisation’s overall efficiency. 


5: Excellent Functionality 

In addition to being easy to use, SAC can be highly functional too. Some of the alternatives that can be used to increase your company’s efficacy are – 

  • Due to its excellent predictive capabilities, you can initially assess any business-related issue or situation. So it becomes easier for you to take care of it. 
  • The smart insight feature can enable you to generate reports regarding your business or system automatically. This, in turn, can save a lot of your time. 
  • If you want, you can also use the self-service reporting feature to create a report through a manual process. It’s a more new member or beginner-focused feature. 
  • The collaboration module can connect you with another SAC user and allow you to work alongside them. It might make the decision-making process more accurate. 
  • The SAP Analytics Cloud is already integrated with most of the other SAP-based tools and modules. Hence, there’s no need to spend additional cash to get them. 


So, Should You Go for It? 

Well, if you want to improve your organisational proceedings, then yes – getting SAP Analytics Cloud can benefit you. However, before you spend your money, talk to a consultancy service to get more information about it.  

This way, you won’t make an error while integrating it with your new business infrastructure. 

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