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Why a good data strategy drives competitiveness, efficiency – and AI

Key Takeaways 

  • Organisations continuously improving their data strategies become more competitive, efficient and scalable
  • Up-to-date data-driven business strategies can help drive greater AI adoption
  • SAP partner cbs Consulting offers a master data-focused solution for industrial organisations


Organisations should look to continuously improve their data strategies to become more competitive, efficient and scalable, according to a recent SAP blog post.


SAP’s Valencia Karageorgiades and Giovanni Precone said data-driven business strategies that are always improved upon would help drive greater adoption of AI solutions.


“Organisations must not underestimate the impact of transformative data innovations that help them harness the full power of their data to drive deeper insights, faster growth and more efficiency in the era of AI,” the post said.


“The introduction of new data innovations enables organisations to deliver meaningful data to every data consumer with business context and logic intact – enabling them to adapt faster to market changes and make more efficient decisions.”


A good data strategy would help an organisation be more competitive when their high-quality data is paired with AI algorithms to improve strategic choices and business outcomes.


Business processes are also streamlined when data is accurate and readily available, helping operations become more easily optimised.


The insights produced from a good data strategy can then help organisations identify market gaps, explore new opportunities, and create products or services that meet evolving customer needs faster than the competition.


Which is why service providers and SAP partners like cbs Corporate Business Solutions are offering data-focused solutions to help with any organisation’s data strategy needs.


One such offering is the cbs Master Data Validation (cbs MDV) for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA, which focuses specifically on validating and evaluating master data.


MDV aims to help industrial companies improve the quality of their master data, optimising their logistics processes. The solution also ensures the master data clean-up process is sustainable and longer lasting.


MDV also prepares customers that are looking to move from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, ensuring the master data is of high quality and doesn’t have duplicates.


“Based on our experience (here at cbs), master data is the biggest issue that organisations have to address during a transformation or migration project,” cbs Consulting Director Marcus Scott told Mastering SAP.


“That’s why we developed a software solution to help customers manage and discover their master data to make their transformation projects run smoothly.”