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SAP Global Trade Services

Foreign trade with SAP GTS: risk, compliance, & customs management

One-Stop Process Consulting, SAP Consulting, and Operations

We speak the language of your customs department and compliance managers alike. Our consultants support the IT organizations of international industrial companies in understanding business requirements and transforming them into global SAP solutions. We have proven our implementation and process expertise in foreign trade at many high-profile companies.

Materna and cbs have a unique consulting portfolio comprising customs expertise, extensive process knowledge in foreign trade, and technical know-how when it comes to deploying SAP GTS as a global foreign trade solution. The cbs GTS team delivers customs processing, export control, and preferential duty management – all on one platform and within a single corporate solution.


Services in detail

cbs GTS experts will show you the ropes and blend basic SAP® GTS® configuration and user know-how with examples and experience of 15+ years. You choose the training method, whether onsite within two days of Basic Training or an Individual Trainings based on your requirements. Online Sessions available.

Our Business Solution Management Team of experienced consultants & developers deals with SAP support and operations services. And they have a SAP GTS practise. Based on your requirements we support as Experts on demand, deliver Onsite Support or run Application Managed Support 24/7.

Independent from your strategy, whether you follow the ONE central foreign trade platform strategy or ONE SAP Core strategy. We support you to manage change to S/4HANA save & sound with our expertise and cover all open questions about e.g. master data management and process mapping either in S4 or in SAP GTS

We compiled a leading-practice GTS ABAP library full of preconfigured improvements selectable per GTS service. 15+ years of experience helped to build our cbs-GTS DEV library. We are serving our Customers to implement leading practices which enhance SAP GTS standard – efficiently.

Our day-to-day job – yes we do SAP GTS process and implementation consulting for all of the four GTS services: Compliance management (export control) Customs management, Risk management (e.g. preferential customs management) and Electronic compliance reporting (creation of trade statistics)

Authorization administration of GTS systems brings very specific challenges. Often neglected till the very last moment – with our cbs out-of-the-box GTS Leading Practice Roles & Authorization Concepts – scalable to all GTS services – we ensure auditable and compliant system design right from the start.

The most efficient & convenient way to manage Foreign Trade Processes is – as a Service. We offer ONE central foreign trade platform – managed by cbs GTS professionals in the cloud. This covers housing & hosting, SAP Basis maintenance, Upgrade & support services, converter monitoring and expert advise.

We are proud of our international portfolio, partnership and experience in major markets like the U.S., France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, GB and others. Trust our experience to quickly adapt GTS to legal requirements in different countries. As self-filer or via broker: cbs ensures compliant customs processes with SAP GTS – wherever you are.

We offer a platform independent solution for intra-European entry certificate management. With our SAP Cloud Platform based state-of-the art App you cover the latest EU quick fixes 2020.

Growing database size is becoming a challenge performance-wise and cost-wise for companies running SAP Global Trade Services. Archiving is crucial for data lifecycle management. Benefit from our best-practice approach to archive in SAP GTS.

cbs has a unique consulting portfolio comprising customs expertise, extensive process knowledge in foreign trade, and technical know-how when it comes to deploying SAP GTS as a global foreign trade solution.
Thomas Marx, Consulting Director

More than 15 Years’ SAP GTS Experience

The cbs GTS team is your one-stop shop for everything related to foreign trade and international trade in goods, from tool selection through concept validation, master data maintenance, design, implementation, training, authorization concepts, and GTS application management, as well as the full package in our cbs SAP GTS Cloud. The cbs GTS Leading Practice Library gives you the benefit of our more than 15 years’ experience, making sure that you are perfectly equipped to meet the challenges of the SAP GTS standard.

Work is not confined to the DACH region. In fact, our projects regularly take us around the world, and we now also have a dedicated team in the United States.

Our high standards of consulting are assured by our internal GTS Academy campus, which combines theoretical knowledge and practical experience about logistics processes, customs, and export control with expertise in SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP GTS.

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For a detailed consultation we are of course also happy to assist you personally. Just contact us directly:

Thomas Marx
Consulting Director