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Management Team

Members of Executive Board

Managing Directors

Stefan Risse

Harald Sulovsky

Rainer Wittwen

Holger Scheel

Stefan Risse


ONE Corporation, Landscape Transformation, Financials, Business Intelligence

Corporate Sales, Marketing

ONE Corporation, Globalization, CRM & Global Trade, Cloud Solutions

Head of cbs Spain and Austria

Head of cbs Dortmund and Hamburg

Extended Management Team

Markus Geib

Oliver Dorsner

Jürgen Remmert

ONE Corporation, Globalization, Logistics/SCM & Manufacturing, IoT & Industrie 4.0

Management Consulting, Globalization, ONE Corporation, cbs Methodology

Business Solution Management / Application Management, Partnermanagement, Region Rhein/Main

Head of cbs Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Head of cbs Munich, Stuttgart, and Zurich

Head of cbs Raunheim and Freiburg