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Management Team

Members of Executive Board

Managing Directors

Stefan Risse

Harald Sulovsky

Rainer Wittwen

Holger Scheel

Stefan Risse

CEO – Corporate Strategy, Corporate Development

ONE Corporation, Landscape Transformation, Financials, Business Intelligence

Corporate Sales, Marketing

ONE Corporation, Globalization, CRM & Global Trade, Cloud Solutions

Head of cbs Spain and Austria

Head of cbs Dortmund and Hamburg

Executive Board Members

Markus Geib

Oliver Dorsner

Jürgen Remmert

ONE Corporation, Globalization, Logistics/SCM & Manufacturing, IoT & Industrie 4.0

Management Consulting, Globalization, ONE Corporation, cbs Methodology

Business Solution Management / Application Management, Partnermanagement, Region Rhein/Main

Head of cbs Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Head of cbs Munich, Stuttgart, and Zurich

Head of cbs Raunheim and Freiburg