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Triumph benefits from the cbs E-Invoice World Cloud

Triumph benefits from the cbs E-Invoice World Cloud

World market leader uses SAP-based outsourcing solution for smooth, legally compliant invoice dispatch in Finland


Helsinki, July 09, 2022 – Triumph International (30,000 employees, 1.75 billion euros in sales) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lingerie and bodywear. An owner-managed company headquartered in Bad Zurzach, Switzerland, its nearly 50 sales organizations now serve 120 markets worldwide with women’s underwear and nightwear. The renowned lingerie producer has a very high volume of outgoing invoices at its production sites in Finland. Therefore, the company needs reliable partners to meet local legal requirements when processing invoices. Since April 2020, electronic invoicing has been a legal requirement in Finland if the customer demands it. Whether leggings, nightgowns or underwear – every merchandise invoice, credit note, and a debit note from Triumph must be sent digitally in the correct format.

Until now, Triumph relied on classic, old-fashioned EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) processes, whereby files were sent to an external partner who printed out the invoice and sent it by mail. This was no longer a sustainable solution for those responsible. High costs were incurred, in addition, the outdated procedure was not secure, it was very time-consuming as the letters were in transit for up to two weeks, and it was not very environmentally friendly due to the paper consumption. In addition, the new legal requirements of the authorities in Finland and customer requirements had to be met.

Triumph therefore also opted for the “cbs E-Invoice World Cloud” in Finland. In Hungary, Italy and the UK, the company already uses this SAP-based cloud solution for legally compliant processing of electronic invoicing. With this complete solution, the company has outsourced the entire end-2-end process and no longer has to worry about anything. Together, cbs and Triumph have succeeded in meeting the new Finnish e-invoicing requirements flexibly and reliably.

In the meantime, Triumph benefits from the smooth, secure, error-free and effective process of sending invoices electronically, a noticeable simplification of the invoicing processes, significant cost savings, as well as positive environmental aspects, since paper invoices no longer have to be printed out and sent for some time. When it comes to e-invoicing, there can always be legal changes. Internally, however, Triumph no longer has to maintain personnel or technical resources in order to keep up to date – another advantage.

“It is the perfect solution for us. The cooperation with cbs has been excellent. We had a safe feeling at all times during the project, because the topic of e-invoicing is in very good hands with the e-invoicing specialist cbs. The cbs consultants were very reliable and moved the cloud project forward very quickly and effectively,” sums up Mariucha Schwarz, Project Manager at Triumph.