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Software-driven transformation instead of “manual work”

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Major SAP customers are familiar with constant change, restructuring and innovation projects. Global competition and the current crisis are challenging the industry, and business is constantly confronting corporate IT with new requests. Multi-layered process and system landscapes require transformations. Many are striving to replace complex systems for their business processes.

In this environment, software-driven transformation is the key to success for avoiding inexpensive but time-consuming, error-prone and risky “manual work” by means of ‘change requests’. This can be seen in corporations such as Roche or MAN – global harmonization of SAP processes, transition from ERP, building a new system landscape towards S/4HANA or a smooth transition to a digital future platform on S/4HANA after a solid pre-study.

The transformation scenarios are diverse: merger, carve-out, restructuring, harmonization, migration – and in the SAP environment S/4HANA, traditionally on-premise or more modern in the cloud. This requires new types of transformation – with automated security and industrialized project management. For example, cbs supported the Schaeffler Group in bringing globally distributed locations onto a uniform SAP standard – the critical success factor was data migration: powered by the cbs ET Enterprise Transformer®, data was converted and harmonized from non-SAP and SAP systems.

Carlo Doni
The combination of software with customer-specific business solutions and consulting expertise shows the smart way to re-establish ‘end-to-end’ business processes.
Carlo Doni
Sales Director


The innovative software consolidates and migrates data from different sources and applications – technically and process-wise, ‘end-to-end’ from functional analysis and flexible data selection to consistent data validation.


Minimally invasive

The software-based approach ensures maximum continuity for business processes and turns transformations into minimally invasive interventions – with near-zero downtime at go-live: ECC works until shortly before the changeover, the changeover to S/4HANA itself runs for only a few hours, and the business can continue working in the new system immediately, without any production downtime.



Be it carve-out or migration to S/4HANA, the combination of consulting and best practice converts data migrations into successful transformations – the status quo of data migration is no longer sufficient for ambitious customer requirements. cbs adds innovative consulting services for the largest S/4 transformations or first code mergers into S/4HANA.



Innovation at pace is key to the digital world in S/4HANA. Industrialized project execution accelerates data migration across the enterprise – with solid methodology to cut project timelines in half or less: sound analysis, careful decision-making, rapid implementation with consulting services and software.



Understanding customer requirements and finding individual solutions is the start – ways of new implementation or conversion alone are not enough. We use best practices and proven business solutions – for tailored transformations through Selective Data Transition (SDT), for new business processes and S/4HANA innovations.

At cbs, competent minds transfer best practice solutions from hidden champions to large companies in the manufacturing industry, worldwide. Specific lighthouse project also for large companies: at Viessmann, cbs implemented a selective and software-driven data transformation to S/4HANA “over the weekend” – big bang go-live for 28 production units in 34 countries, 78 sales organizations worldwide, 190 company codes, 30 billion data records in 40,000 tables, 6,000 users in ‘near-zero downtime’.

Large SAP customers look at the transformation lifecycle, in project state and operations, from analysis to master data migration. In preparation, implementation and continuous improvement, cbs adds value with relevant consulting services – for transformation scenarios such as M&A, carve-out, in finance, for S/4HANA on-premise, in the cloud or related to ‘RISE with SAP’. Business remains unaffected: Business departments are relieved, costs are reduced, projects are shortened, loss of revenue is avoided – the ‘business case’ works out.

More about the smart way for transformations: cbs supports customers ‘end-to-end’ with Enterprise Transformation Solutions.

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Carlo Doni
Carlo Doni
Sales Director