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ONE Target Picture

The Key to a Structurally
Stronger, Fully Harmonised

Sustainable company growth, mergers and acquisitions, globalised markets demand constant business evolution. There is a growing need for companies to structure their business in a standardised and harmonised way throughout the organisation.

Optimising established structures, processes, and IT systems is an essential requirement for industrial companies. CFOs expect greater proximity to the business strategy, more significant management expertise, and greater agility for acquisitions and reorganisations. The aim is to become a fully harmonised enterprise with a strengthened corporate structure: ONE Global Corporation on S/4HANA.

Rapid Business Transformation

As a specialist solution provider, cbs focuses on the added value of a combined portfolio for rapid and reliable business transformation. We offer large industrial companies end-to-end organisational expertise in processes, structures, data, and systems. With these unique capabilities, we are closing a supply gap in the global SAP market.

Customer Stories


Metsä Board Streamlines and Harmonizes its Global SAP System


CLAAS Standardizes Charts of Accounts Throughout the Group

Roche Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics Starts SAP Rollout in the Americas