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SAP BTP Discovery Center (Detailed Guide)

Let’s be honest. 

When managing your business’s procedural aspects, no other platform can beat the efficacy of SAP BTP. It’s the most complete option available out there, after all. 

But what if you wanted to quicken the processes a little more? Or, maybe you want to adapt to the intelligence SAP BTP can bring to your business proceedings. 

What would you do then? 

In this case, SAP BTP Discovery Center can come to your rescue. Nonetheless, before we answer the ‘how’ regarding this topic, let’s learn about the tool first. 

SAP Discovery Center – What Is It? 

SAP BTP Discovery Center is a self-service tool which can assist a business in driving and adopting the intelligent enterprise. Therefore, for example, if you are running a corporation with the SAP BTP or considering doing so – you can simplify everything with Discovery Center. 

How does it work, though? 

SAP Discovery Center, in general, comprises an element known as missions. These are backed by some particular business use cases where your company can – 

  • Kick-start the learning or business campaign under ‘onboarding missions.’ 
  • Employ whatever pre-packaged content is available under ‘platform missions.’ 

The second option can also be used to quick-pilot whatever feature you have at your disposal to go-live. But, if you require help regarding dedicated planning or preparation, make sure to take SAP Enterprise Support’s help. The DBS team can also offer their assistance in this aspect. 

Note: As SAP is all about promoting the core power of teamwork, SAP Discovery Center also allows a partner community to deliver and publish missions.  

It can be done under the Partner App missions, spanning across five different lines of business in HR, including the below-mentioned – 

  • ERP and Finance 
  • HR 
  • Sales 
  • IT, and  
  • Procurement 


SAP Discovery Center – Missions and Services 

The Discovery Center provided by SAP BTP is primarily divided into two topics – the missions and the services. Each of them serves a different purpose for your business. 

So, it’s best to know as much as possible about them. 

What is the ‘Mission?’ 

A mission, available on SAP Discovery Center, will include a description mapped to Overview, which will have your – 

  • Pain points are referred to as ‘Current Position.’ 
  • Journey as ‘How You Get There.’ 
  • Benefits as ‘Mission Destination.’ 

The use cases, on the other hand, represent a business scenario or an objective of the mission. Resources will contain a guide to the best practices and other related documents.  

The ‘View Demo’ option will enable you to refer to whatever you want to accomplish with the mission. Finally, ‘Ask Expert’ can be employed if you have any pressing questions regarding a topic that you need to clarify before beginning your journey. 

How Do You Start a Mission? 

Once you have chosen the right mission backed by a specific use case for your organisation and identified the perfect resource, you can begin your mission. However, before doing so, it’s best to refer and nominate some of your business colleagues who’re capable of delivering solutions. This way, you can reduce the risk of errors and problems to some extent. 

What is the ‘Service?’ 

In the ‘Services’ section, you will find every possible service or tool available in SAP BTP. 

Depending on your contract or agreement with SAP, you might have access to a single subset or all of them in BTP. Here are a few examples of what you may find here – 

  • Pricing: The pricing segment will showcase the different service plans and models available in SAP BTP. For instance, you’ll find the SAP BAS (Business Application Studio) under the Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement, subscription, pay-as-you-go, and trial platform. 
  • Roadmap: In this section, we can see different types of missions that we must complete to reach our organisational goal. If you want to know more about it, check out this link – https://roadmaps.sap.com/. 
  • Related Missions: This segment will tell us about the missions we must take care of to understand or familiarise ourselves with the Discovery Center. 
  • Customer Stories: In this section, we will get inspired by how others are using the service to improve their business accordingly. Furthermore, you can also learn whatever they have achieved by adopting the service.  

SAP Discovery Center is all about making your job of managing an organisation more manageable. So, you must focus on what’s at hand and learn about the topic more exclusively. 

New Features of the SAP Discovery Center 

In this section, we’ll get you familiarised with the features SAP Discovery Center comes with. Here is what you need to know about it. 

1: Customer References and Stories 

Learning about your previous consumers’ experience can provide inspiration and powerful insights and build trust when exploring your SAP Cloud Platform’s use cases. 


With it, you can check your consumer’s story and learn what they think about you. If they appreciate you, it’s all good. However, if someone’s having any problem with your offering, you can talk to them and improve their experience. 

Besides, this brand-new expansion can also consolidate vibrant content to discover a solution’s business potential and value. 

2: SAP Community Integration 

The missions in the SAP BTP Discovery Center usually offer two types of collaboration – 

  • Expert support, and 
  • SAP Community  

The latter currently houses 28 million members and contains some of the most informative and engaging user-generated content. To get you connected with this powerful resource, the missions tend to provide the users with the ability to view-related questions. 

You can find them on the community and community-based topic pages. There’s also an ‘Ask in SAP Community’ feature available here that can help you in this aspect. 

The queries posted in the community are offered automatically with relevant tags. Hence, it will be much easier to find the question and answer you are looking for. 

The community’s tags and relevant answers can be viewable conveniently within the ‘support’ tab of the Discovery Center. 

New Missions of the SAP Discovery Center 

The brand new missions found in the SAP Discovery Center are as follows – 

1: Service Ticket Intelligence 

The new service ticket intelligence system can support an organisation in handling and managing a larger volume of service interactions by offering automatic ticket classification. Besides, it will also provide the routing of a ticket to the proper agent. 

Moreover, the agent is provided with solutions to improve operational and organisational efficacy. This way, an organisation can – 

  • Increase their overall response time, 
  • Lower the frequency of repetitive tasks, and 
  • Decrease the required expense for the organisation. 

As a result, it can improve the overall productivity of your employees and ensure that all customers are satisfied. 

2: Automate Data Extraction

With this feature, it’ll be much easier for you to extract data from a business document with the help of intelligent RPA and AI. This way, it can help you with two things – 

  • Extracting a PDF for data and structuring it accordingly through a manual procedure is quite tricky and problematic. But, through this feature, you can complete it quickly without additional effort.  
  • Also, the more you use AI, the easier it will be for you to implement it in your company later on. There will be fewer errors during the procedure as well. 

Finally, this mission will also guide you through how it’s possible to combine SAP AI Business Service and SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation. 

3: Send Electronic Invoices 

If you are operating in countries like Vietnam, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway, you’ll need to send electronic invoices. It, in turn, can – 

  • Increase the speed of sending and receiving the invoice. 
  • Make the whole process much more efficient and secure. 
  • Can be sent to both private business partners and the public sector. 

This mission will aid you in implementing the Peppol scenarios for a specific SAP Document Compliance. 

The Bottom Line 

SAP BTP Discovery Center is all about making your job of finding and using everything easier. So, it might be best to use it from the get-go!