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GMH Group Merges Four SAP Systems into One


GMH Gruppe considers itself the go-to provider of innovative solutions and excellence in steel. The group of SMEs has grown closer together in recent years to better equip itself for the challenges of the future as one GMH Gruppe. Integration, collaboration, and efficiency are to be improved by introducing standardized processes and uniformly mapping these processes in a central ERP system. To this end, GMH Gruppe called on the support of cbs to help roll out the largest IT project in the group’s history: As part of its Future ERP project, which was completed in four stages, the group merged its existing four separate ERP systems into a single SAP solution. As a result of the consolidation, operations have been streamlined and data transparency increased, improving GMH Gruppe’s competitive position. Now, management has access to reliable real-time data across all companies in the group, giving it meaningful, comparable key performance indicators. The group’s customers and business partners also benefit from new digital services and improved support.

“The transformation project was a complete success: on time, on budget, and on quality,” sums up CFO Thomas Löhr. All companies in GMH Gruppe now all use the same SAP system. Logistics is benefiting from harmonized supplier and customer data, the project has improved intercompany processing and the IT system in purchasing, and sales now have group-wide standards for market applications and products.

GMH Gruppe has successfully introduced the harmonized chart of accounts and a new account assignment guide, and has defined a cost accounting framework as well as an integrated contribution margin scheme. The end-to-end, up-to-date data transparency throughout the group serves to strengthen the business: “The standardized SAP ERP system has increased transparency within GMH Gruppe: we can now provide reliable information on the current earnings position in real time,” Löhr reports. “The company management finally has all the real-time data it needs to steer the group into a successful future.”