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Standing united in the face of the coronavirus

Statement by Harald Sulovsky, cbs founder and CEO

The coronavirus represents a major challenge for us all. The pandemic and international shutdown have severely impacted our industrial customers in particular: Employees placed on furlough leave, dormant production lines, interrupted supply chains, closed borders. Naturally, we feel a special sense of responsibility toward our customers and partners. As a digital company, cbs is well positioned to weather this storm. All of our services are available digitally, and even in these times of widespread social distancing, we are ensuring the continuity of both national and international cooperation. We are in daily contact with our customers and partners to overcome this challenging period together.

Protecting people’s health is the top priority for the crisis response. Contact between our employees and with customers and business partners has been reduced to a minimum. But we are a digital company and in a good position to get through this. Even though many companies are curtailing their activities and their budgets, business continues and projects are still ongoing. Our motto must be to work apart while becoming more united than ever. As a modern IT business, we are fully prepared for this scenario. So far, the collaboration has been seamless and our supply capability has not been affected. We are confident that long-standing established customer relationships will be able to withstand even a major crisis.

We will probably have some time to get used to this ‘remote’ way of life. Nobody knows when this crisis will be over and when things can return to normal. But one thing is already clear: Digital transformation has become even more important for businesses and has gained further momentum. These days, we are all discovering the importance of digital literacy for our work and private lives, and the need for digital collaboration. And we are learning more about this every day. The future of many companies will rely on successful digitalization. Businesses that succeed in universally establishing digital end-to-end business processes have a significant competitive advantage. This was true even before the coronavirus crisis and is even more the case now.


Digital services for your transition to S/4

How can companies use their time during this crisis to stabilize their business and secure their future in a forward-looking manner? We have developed a range of digital services to prepare and realize your transition to SAP S/4HANA and your evolution into a digital enterprise. All of the consulting packages can be used digitally and remotely. These will set you on course for digitalization and help you prepare for your S/4 transformation in a targeted manner.

We are currently exploring new ways of working with our customers and partners, including remote collaboration, virtual customer workshops, and online events. We are also investing in attractive formats for sharing our expertise with the community. We have further expanded our webinar offering, for example, and are in the process of going virtual with our annual community meeting cbs ONE.CON 2020. Things are changing on a daily basis. We will keep you posted on how we are getting on with the new ways of working. Let’s look ahead with confidence!

If you have any questions, please feel free to approach us directly. Our consultants will be happy to help.

Until then, stay safe and stay healthy!
Harald Sulovsky, cbs founder and CEO