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Avally signs partnership agreement with cbs APAC for the Japanese market

Supporting customers on a wide range of SAP and global roll-out services & support

S.O.W. Inc.
cbs Corporate Business Solutions

S.O.W. Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Keita Okuda) and cbs Corporate Business Solutions (Headquarters: Heidelberg, Germany, CEO: Rainer Wittwen) collaborate to offer jointly SAP products and services to the Japanese market.


Under this agreement, both parties provide a wide range of consulting services to SAP customers and cbs’ unique software-based SAP S/4HANA transition and landscape transformation capabilities. Customers benefit by maximizing business benefits while minimizing the business impact with any transformation projects such as moving to SAP S/4HANA.


“We are thrilled to join forces with Avally in offering comprehensive consulting services to SAP customers, encompassing a wide range of solutions. This collaboration encompasses a wide spectrum of solutions, including Selective Data Transition, and is designed to empower organizations on a global scale.  With Avally’s profound understanding of the Japanese market and our joint expertise, we are excited to offer flexible migration approaches that will bring tremendous benefits to clients not only in Japan but across the globe.” said Christian Ketterer, Managing Director, cbs Japan.


Background and Outline of The Partnership

With the impending end of mainstream support for SAP ECC 6.0 in 2027, many companies are now considering the migration to the latest SAP S/4HANA platform. Traditionally, there were two primary approaches to SAP S/4HANA migration: the brownfield approach, which involved a simple conversion of existing systems without significant improvements, and the greenfield approach, which required rebuilding the system from scratch.


In order to offer a more comprehensive range of services, both parties have expanded their capabilities beyond the Selective Data Transition method. The partnership now encompasses the full spectrum of SAP services, enabling them to meet the diverse business and IT needs of their customers throughout their transition journey. The goal is to retain proven and future-proof business processes while implementing enhancements that deliver tangible business benefits.


By combining Avally’s market insights with cbs Enterprise Transformer®’s tools and knowledge, they will offer their customers the most optimal migration approach for their SAP S/4HANA migrations. With the joint capabilities and global rollout capabilities, they are now well-equipped to provide unparalleled support to organizations seeking a seamless transition to SAP S/4HANA, ensuring they unlock the full potential of the latest SAP technologies.

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S.O.W. Group, first and foremost selects, acts, and connects all things by each individual in the company proactively focuses on sustainability – “for the people who will lead the future and for the society”

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“Feelings of Being Genuinely Impressed by Wonderful Things” – THE SENSE OF WONDER – We treasure what everyone has from childhood, and we primarily focus on businesses with high social synergy. such as logistics and telecommunications. Regarding the system integration business, we are promoting it at the Avally business department as core.

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About cbs Corporate Business Solutions

cbs Corporate Business Solutions, founded in 1995, is an international consulting firm for digital transformation and enterprise-wide solutions. The consultants design, optimise and manage digital business processes for mid-sized industrial corporations, hidden champions and large enterprises – end-to-end and worldwide. Realising enterprise transformation for global industrial customers, cbs combines sector-specific consulting expertise with software-driven transformation solutions based on our comprehensive methodology M-cbs – for fast value on the journey to the digital enterprise.

cbs has more than 1,500 employees based at its headquarters in Heidelberg. Situated in our offices in Tokyo (Japan), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Shanghai (China), cbs team members take care of our Asia Pacific clients. For details, please visit the official website: https://www.cbs-consulting.com/apac/


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