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Adding a brain to your backbone: ​Discover how you can leverage AI in SAP processes with our tailored workshop format.

​Our experts introduce you to AI in SAP and inspire you through impactful and proven use cases.​ In collaborative Breakout Sessions we develop specific use cases for your enterprise together with you.​ Pitch your ideas and receive feedback. Discuss your future steps & implementation strategies and receive high-level feasibility assessment, architectural blueprint & rough effort indication.

​We fine-tune the workshop agenda and focus areas to align with your specific needs. By understanding your pain points, we gather insights to tailor the workshop to your challenges.


Orientation and understanding AI’s full scope of capabilities within SAP processes.

Tangible insights through exploration of impactful and specific use cases.

Generation and evaluation of innovation potential through customer-specific AI demands.

Targeted for SAP

process experts.

Dr. Karsten Kötter

Head of Cloud Platform

As cbs, we have a clear focus on SAP processes and in contrast to others, we are agnostic regarding the AI service provisioning:​ We utilize the most effective AI services and frameworks for your individual challenges.​

What happens
after the Workshop?

Track 1

Fast value creation through optimization and automation of SAP processes (“AI infused”)

(Proof of Concept)

1. PoC

(Minimum Viable Product)

2. MVP

(Full implementation)

3. Go-Live

(continuously via DevOps & MLOps)

4. Continuous Improvements

Track 2

Strategic utilization of the full innovation potential with intelligent end-to-end processes (“AI driven”)

Strategic Roadmap
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Dr. Karsten Kötter
Head of Cloud Platform Business Unit