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AI in SAP Processes

Accelerating NextGen Intelligent Industries

SAP processes are the backbone of your enterprise. ​
AI can make your SAP processes smarter – together we are adding the brain to your backbone.​

AI will have a massive and lasting impact on the implementation of SAP processes. The spectrum ranges from AI infusion to optimize and automate individual process steps, to a massive simplification of the human-machine interface, to entirely AI-driven processes. Further benefits will arise through the overarching interaction between different lines of businesses and external data.

We bring our customers the maximum benefit in the customized implementation of AI in SAP processes. In doing so, we build on the many years of proven SAP expertise of the entire cbs team. We combine this with our expert knowledge of SAP technologies and proven AI expertise. This combination creates real added value for our customers.

cbs guides and supports global market leaders, from identification to deployment of use cases that create sustainable added value for the industry.​

cbs addresses AI along end-to-end business processes with Business and IT from various angles:

Orientation in the jungle of rapid new AI advancements

Basic AI enablement to technological deep dives

Specific use-cases for AI in SAP processes with dedicated business value

Mid- to long-term innovation strategy: Derivation of an NextGen Enterprise Roadmap

Proven architecture patterns – Standard services vs. custom developments assessment

Organizational model for AI deployment and maintenance

Sounds abstract?​

Here a few examples from customer projects:​

Customer Use Case 1

AI based KPI Prediction
& Optimization​

Topic: Prediction and optimization of KPIs

Challenge KPIs are the condensed result of a long chain of SAP documents in end-to-end processes, typically influenced by customizing and master data. The classical optimization of KPIs thus results in a detailed and complex analysis of all these points. That’s the haystack of SAP optimization.​

Our solution Leverage the compute power of AI. This leads to an AI-based KPI prediction at the beginning of an end-to-end processes (independent from SAP calculated dates) and even points to the most beneficial and decisive optimization points to address (the needle in the haystack). Can be applied to all kinds of SAP related KPIs (e.g. OTIF, utilization rate, returns / complaints ratio)​​.

Customer Use Case 3

Speeding up material master data maintenance

Topic: Master data maintenance

Challenge: Material master data maintenance is a cross-functional long and tedious manual process – prone to errors.

Our solution: However, often relevant information is already captured within the development or engineering process upfront. Based on the previously established information in various documents, the LLM finds the right information and automatically passes it into the material master data. This reduces manual workload and increases data quality.

Dr. Karsten Kötter

Leiter Geschäftsfeld Cloud Platform

cbs is driven by innovation and its impact on our customers. Our AI initiative AI:mpact, the annual cbs Innovation Award and a large number of lighthouse co-innovations with global market leaders are indications of this.

AI in SAP Processes Workshop​

​Our experts introduce you to AI in SAP and inspire you through impactful and proven use cases.​ In collaborative Breakout Sessions we develop specific use cases for your enterprise together with you.​ Pitch your ideas and receive feedback. Discuss your future steps & implementation strategies and receive high-level feasibility assessment, architectural blueprint & rough effort indication.

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Dr. Karsten Kötter
Head of Cloud Platform Business Unit