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S/4HANA Transition Compass

The first step towards S/4HANA

All SAP customers face the same challenges. While some have already made a move, others have yet to take the first steps toward S/4HANA. Use the momentum from your S/4HANA transition to take additional steps toward digitisation.

All those facing this step are asking themselves how, when and to what extent they are willing to change? What changes and potentials can and should be implemented during the S/4HANA transition.

cbs S/4HANA Transition Self-Service Compass

Customer Challenges

Overwhelming S/4HANA Project

The complexity of the S/4 project seems to be hardly manageable — too many options and alternatives to choose from it.

IT and Business Alignment

Different drivers and needs in business and IT cause friction, inefficiency and a slowdown of projects.

Uncertainty of S/4 Benefits

Building a clear business case with tangible benefits can be hard to identify without business involvement from day one.

Define the best Timing

External and internal factors influence the project. Appropriate planning and implementation are complex and challenging.

Missing internal Workforce & Expertise

Additional efforts can hardly be carried internally. There is a lack of substantial S/4 experience.

The multitude of possible S/4 innovations raises expectations on the customer side and the consideration of how much change the company can tolerate.
Nah Yee Peng
Senior Manager

The preconditions for SAP S/4HANA are the same, but the road for change is fundamentally different. While one SAP customer may place their S/4 program as the central focus of business and IT transformation, another may have to be minimally invasive when steering their S/4 program into an existing roadmap. These customers also have many other strategic initiatives that should be considered during the S/4 Transition to help achieve their goals.

With the multitude of possible S/4 changes, SAP creates a high expectation on the customer side – both on the business and IT. However, this also raises the question of how much difference the company wants to push through and how much it can withstand.

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