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Unlock Your Business’s Potential with a Free SAP Assessment from cbs

Comprehensive Solutions with Expertise in Business and Technical Processes

Consulting excellence for global market leaders: cbs is a global consulting practice that originated in Germany with over 3000 international projects over the last 25 years. We advise the world’s most notable companies: renowned, highly innovative customers and hidden champions of the global manufacturing, pharma, life science, chemical, and automotive industries.

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Transform Your Business with RISE with SAP, ONE with cbs

The Ultimate SAP Solution

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We conduct a detailed analysis of your current requirements, documents and SAP systems. We will cover business processes, data, system functionalities and to-be requirements to derive an implementation strategy and roadmap. 
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Targeted at non-SAP customers with standard processes, we will deliver a rapid implementation leveraging standard best practices from SAP S/4HANA public cloud.
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The best of both breeds. Our SDT (Selective Data Transition) approach leveraging on our Data Transformation tool cbs ET to deliver both design harmonisation, historical data migration and new functionality enablement. 
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A rapid technical upgrade of your current ECC 6 system along with a clear continuous improvement plan to further reap the benefits of S/4HANA progressively. Meant for customers with low degree of changes to processes and data.
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With the RISE package you will be granted access to SAP's BTP platform to utilise the bundled free credits. With this package, we will help build one iRPA bot for any process to be identified within 15 man days.

SLO Transformation Portfolio – Flexibly Combinable and Customisable

Business transformations usually require rapid modification of the process and system landscape. The comprehensive range of solutions offered by cbs allows customers to consolidate their SAP system landscape in a fast, secure, and flexible way.
Carve-outs (the divestiture or spinning-off of company units) are rare but time-critical challenges for IT departments. Completing carve-outs within the specified time frame and in line with the business’s needs is extremely demanding, which is why it is all the more important to find a partner with decades of experience.
Data migration is a critical success factor for global SAP rollout programs: Data must be quickly and reliably migrated from many systems in parallel rollout waves, then converted and harmonised. Over the years, cbs has mastered projects of this kind by taking a standardised approach and using our proprietary standard software Enterprise Transformer®.
Many organisational changes cannot be implemented with SAP tools or can only be achieved with considerable effort. As expert consultants in the implementation of transformation projects with our software, we implement organisational changes and data harmonisation during ongoing operations while at the same time enabling operations to continue without interruption in business departments.
Without transformation software, the harmonisation of charts of accounts seems an almost impossible task. With transformation software, it can be a breeze. It is, however, essential to bear in mind the controlling function of the accounts and not expect harmonisation to be a simple mapping task. Otherwise, you risk being floored by the sheer complexity of the undertaking. Not only do we consider the technical side of the transformation process, but we also always keep sight of the process implications, thus ensuring a smooth transition to harmonised accounting.
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The transformation of controlling areas is often a global undertaking, in which the technological transformation usually plays only the smallest part. cbs has the expertise to help ensure a smooth transformation tailored to the needs of the customer. We carefully analyse how the transformation will impact the customer’s business processes and organisational units, thus ensuring a smooth transition to the new controlling world from both a technical and process perspective.
The new SAP general ledger cannot simply be introduced in passing. It is heavily dependent on processes in FI/CO and the integrated modules of the SAP system. Instead of rigid migration scenarios, we offer flexible solutions aligned to our customer’s specific requirements and provide comprehensive support throughout the entire project – with go-lives during the year and the transformation of historical data – using our standard software, cbs ET Enterprise Transformer®.

SAP Business Technology Platform – The Brain of the Intelligent Enterprise

Services & Capabilities

  • Application Development & Automation​

    Cloud Foundry Runtime​, Business Application Studio​, ABAP Environment​, Cloud Portal Services​, Process Automation​, Workflow Management​, Mobile Services​, SAP intelligent RPA​, Document Management Service , Integration Option​…

  • Integration​

    Integration Suite​, Event Mesh​, Master Data Integration​…

  • Extended Planning & Analysis

    SAP Analytics Cloud​, SAP Analystics Cloud embedded edition​…

  • Data & Analysis​

    SAP HANA Cloud​, SAP Data Intelligence​, Master Data Governance​, SAP HANA Service​, Data Quality Sercices​…

  • Foundation / Cross Services​

    Alert Notification​, Identity Provisioning​, Cloud Transport Management​, Job Scheduling Service Service​, HTML5 Application Repository Service​, Authorization and Trust Management Service​…

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)​

    SAP AI Core​, Data Attribute Recommendation​, Conversational AI​…

The easiest and safest way to move to SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud

Are you considering a move to SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud but are worried about the challenges of data migration? Look no further than our selective data transition approach, the easiest and safest way to make the transition. With our SAP forecasting and analytics tools, including SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), you can make the most of your move and achieve true digital transformation.

Our comprehensive business intelligence and process analytics will ensure a smooth and successful transition with minimal disruption to your operations. Don’t let the fear of data migration hold you back from unlocking the full potential of SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud. Contact us today to learn more about our S/4HANA move services.




Move your legacy ECC
to S/4 in the cloud



Cleaning/ removal of
irrelevant company code




Migrating relevant data based on
a specific set of dates



Leverage on cbs add-ons packages to consolidate your SAP system landscape in a fast, secure, and flexible way.

  • Intelligent Finance

    Achieve flexible financial reorganisation, leveraging value-adding SAP S/4HANA functionalities such as newGL, Universal Journal, Margin Analysis, new FI Asset Accounting, Document Splitting and more.

    Harmonise charts of accounts, profit centres, and cost centres parallel to your S/4HANA transition.

  • Near-Zero Downtime Package

    With a near-zero downtime approach, you avoid interruptions to operational business processes.

    With cbs you have the choice of cutover scenarios – both in stages and in one big bang using near-zero-downtime functionalities.

  • Data Clean-Up

    Take advantage of cbs data cleaning-up package to improve data accuracy and consistency.

    A clean set of data will increases overall productivity. Your team do not have to wade through countless outdated documents and allows employees to make the most of their work hours.

  • System Consolidation

    Simplify your SAP system landscape by the consolidation of systems. It reduces the total cost of ownership and increases profits of your business.

Unlock Your Business’s Potential with a Free SAP Assessment from cbs

Comprehensive Solutions with Expertise in Business and Technical Processes

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